BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 9/19/2005

To us there is nothing more visually stimulating THan to see two gymnastically cut-up muscular bodies, shining in oil, grappling on the BG mat. And cut-up certainly defines Rocky and Justin. Justin loves Rocky’s butt, as you’ll see when he attempts to keep Rocky’s gear up his ass crack as often as possible. Justin also loves rubbing his crotch in Rocky’s face, and in this video vice versa. In fact we have seldom seen Rocky so aggressive as in this matchup. The oiling scene is a classic as each grappler slowly and erotically rubs oil in virtually every inch of their opponent, pausing on occasion to concentrate on one particular area, as does Justin with Rocky’s cock and butt. The part of the match where the two try to strip the trunks off the other is hot because they both are trying to keep their own trunks on at the same time. Justin lulls Rocky sexually and then surprises him with a forced submission. Post match sexual activity includes cock sucking as well as the loser (Rocky, yet again) getting fucked. But as you will see from the look on Rocky’s face he doesn’t mind his continual losing a bit.

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