BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 1/25/2007

If you like two hot muscular guys who DON’T shave their chests, then you will like Brad and Joey. From the oiling scene, through the wrestling, through the fucking, Brad King keeps his hard-on rock stiff. Joey has a hard-on through the oiling, but not at the beginning of the wrestling. But notice: Joey’s hard grows slowly during the wrestling and by the time he locks Brad in a full nelson for the submission his cock is rock stiff. This is a good thing because he now will enjoy some cock-sucking from the loser, and then a good fucking. Brad sits on Joey’s cock, gets fucked on his stomach, throws his legs over Joey’s shoulders and cums while being fucked. HOT! Joey in turn cums buckets once he pulls out. In this video there are lots of trunks wedgies, some balls and arm-pit sucking, ass-slapping, cock-sucking and sex. This video commenced the whole High Stakes Oil Wrestling series, and two hotter wrestlers could not be found for this honor.

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