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CAST: Cliff Conlin, Doug Avery, Tyson Johnson, Naturboy, Scottie Nguyen, The Wild Boy, Lance Lane, Chris wayne, Johnny Lord, Scott Randsome


RELEASE DATE: 10/9/2007

Bout 1: Cliff Conlin vs. Doug Avery
Cliff: 5’10”, 175 lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, 19 yo
Fightin’ Mike: 5’5”, 145 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 26 yo

When Cliff Conlin hears that his next opponent is to be Fightin’ Mike, the first thing he does is scout the dude out. He looks at Fightin’ Mike’s video match in HMB 7, Bout 4 against The Wild Boy. Conlin, with a 30 lb weight advantage, strategizes that to minimize or cancel out Mike’s karate capability he will need to take him out in the first few seconds of the match. Conlin’s strategy works and for seven long minutes, until Mikes “hangman” submission, Cliff works him over in a total squash. The second fall continues in the same way, with Conlin now not only squashing but also squishing the hapless smaller wrestler. Imagine Cliff’s surprise when he is reversed in a ring corner and in turn Mike begins an all-out, slow, relaxed, methodical assault of his own. Mike uses a mixture of karate, brawling, and wrestling. Conlin suffers as Mike previously suffered, and falls victim to a “Japanese strangle”. Conlin never recovers. He becomes a total useless sack of nothing in the last fall. Mike has his way with him and BG is sure that Conlin has never before experienced the way Fightin’ Mike takes him out at the end of the fall. Conlin, on the mat, out cold and twitching. Brutal!

Bout 2: Tyson Johnson vs. Naturboy
Tyson: 5’7”, 145 lbs, brn hair, brn eyes, 21 yo
Naturboy: 5’7”, 162 lbs, brn hair, brn eyes, 21 yo

Tyson sits on the top ring rope waiting for Naturboy to come to the ring. The locker room door opens but instead of coming directly into the ring, Naturboy first wants to intimidate Johnson. He shimmies up a four-sided wooden gym support and does pull-ups off the ceiling beam. Afterwards Naturboy bounds into the ring and does some acrobatics. Not to be outdone Johnson does some acrobatics of his own. Previously a teenage physique contest winner (Yeah, check out that defined physique!), Johnson is a consummate ring pro. A head butt, clothesline, a powerful flying dropkick and some flying butt smashes on Naturboy in the corner have this previously very energetic wrestler reeling. But if you think Naturboy is going to roll over the play dead, NOT! The two have an endless supply of energy and can virtually pound on each other for hours. Johnson wins the first fall with a camel clutch, and trashes Naturboy well into the second. But Naturboy (who is extremely verbal) takes his licking and comes back with some of his own. Johnson submits to a very painful frontal head claw. The 3rd fall is an all out brawl with a very neat ending it. One wrestler is saying to the other, “Say it! Say it!” But all you hear is “Eat Shit”! Then the wrestler can’t say anything. He’s out cold, done in by a vicious Cobra Clutch. He refused to submit and paid the price.

Bout 3: Scottie Nguyen vs. Cliff Conlin
Cliff: 5’10”, 175 lbs, blond hair, brn eyes, 19 yo
Scottie: 5’9”, 150 lbs, black hair, brn eyes, 18 yo

The contrast between gleaming white boots, white trunks, and Scottie’s dark, very muscled body, is dramatic and pleasing. Scottie had his misgivings about doing pro, coming from his amateur High School background, yet he gave it a shot in his debut matchup in Hollywood Muscleboy 7 against Mike Pope. He did well enough to do two things: 1) Although he had a lot yet to learn, he convinced BG that he had the potential to do so and 2) Scottie enjoyed the experience enough to want to continue. Scottie agreed to appear in his next bout against Cliff Conlin, a previous teammate on his high school wrestling team. The two had practiced a great deal over the previous years, but they had never wrestled pro against each other. Scottie agreed to appear in this matchup against Conlin, but only if Mike Pope was there to make sure that Conlin stayed under control. With a 25 lbs weight advantage, and Conlin’s pro experience, Scottie wants to make sure that the match stays relatively sane. Conlin reluctantly agrees. In the first fall Conlin’s pro experience shows and he trashes Vietnamese Scottie from start to finish. For those into body displaying you’ll enjoy Nguyen (pronounced New-Yin) tied up in the ropes and trashed, and the combination crucifix/hangman, which has Scottie bleating out a painful submission. But Scottie, not to be outdone, comes back in the second fall to give Conlin almost as much as he took in the first. A crotch-ripping cradle has Conlin submitting. The third fall is a shocker. Pope’s obvious favoring of Nguyen shows. When Conlin’s shoulders hit the mat, a rapid count from Pope throws the match to Scottie. Conlin goes berserk. He throws Scottie out of the ring and then pounds on him. The ref tries to break it up, but fails. He gets back into the ring, counts to 10, and disqualifies both. This action cancels Scottie’s win and he goes nuts. Conlin and Nguyen unite in common anger and go after Pope.

The Wild Boy: 5’6”, 145 lbs, brn hair, green eyes, 20 yo
Lance Lane: 5’5”, 145 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 21 yo

Lance is a soccer player on a championship team. But in his BG wrestling debut against the Wild Boy, he is “socked” on, Big Time! This is a total squash from start to finish with the Wild Boy kind of disgusted that BG would match him with such a loser. The Wild Boy, as usual, employs his black straps and bandana for very nefarious activities/

Chris: 5’7”, 164 lbs, brn hair, hazel eyes, 19 yo
Johnny: 5’11”, 155 lbs, brn hair, hazel eyes, 21 yo

Johnny is an extraordinary combination of races: Latino, Asian, and Caucasian. The result: a very handsome young man with a nice lean, smooth muscled body. He is up against one of the demons of destruction, the tag partner of The Wild Boy – or as we refer to him when he is in a tag team match, the Wild Boy 2. He levels Lord in all kinds of mayhem in the first fall. Unlike Lane, in the previous match, Lord mounts a fairly good comeback in the first fall, unleashing a corner blitz that has Wayne weakened. Lord lays in a couple of good forearm smashes with a unique and different kind of style. But Wayne resorts to further mayhem, and Lord ends up submitting to a hangman. Lord doesn’t take to kindly to Wayne’s underhanded tactics, and he comes out of his corner angry. When Chris lays him out on the mat with another dirty trick, Lord explodes. The second fall is a donnybrook. First one has the advantage, then the other. It seesaws back and forth until Lord manages to stick his feet in Wayne’s back, yanking on his arms. Wayne’s face is a mask of pain as he submits to Lord’s sitting version of a surfboard. BG is pretty impressed with what Lord has been able to do in his debut match. Even Wayne, at one point, is impressed with the kind of stuff he is able to endure. Can Johnny tough it out and upset Chris? Or will Wayne’s experience and willingness to do just about anything to win save is day? The third fall is a wild one, fitting for a Wild Boy!

The Wild Boy: 5’6”, 145 lbs, brn hair, green eyes, 20 yo
Chris Wayne: 5’7”, 164 lbs, brn hair, hazel eyes, 19 yo

Cliff Conlin: 5’10”, 175 lbs, blond hair, brn eyes, 19 yo
Scott Randsome AKA Kurtus Beefcake: 5’8”, 190 lbs, blond hair, brn eyes, 19 yo

A tag team match BG had been trying to arrange for months. In spite of the weight difference and the increasing savvy of both Conlin and Randsome, the Wild Boy team was anxious to get in there and take care of what they perceived to be their toughest current rivals. Also at risk here was the Wild Boy’s own record. He’s undefeated (with one draw) in both tag and single bouts. BG selected a special visitor from the East Coast to be the referee: Flyboy. His task, as defined by BG, was to be as unobtrusive as possible, but try and contain all-out four men brawling and any tag team excesses as much as possible. The first fall finds the Wild Boys setting the wrestling agenda, keeping the Beefcakes off balance with lots of rough stuff as well as cheating. This tag team seems to be working like a well-oiled machine. The Beefcakes just can’t seem to get their own program off the ground, and suffer a loss of the first fall. In the second fall, it’s the reverse. It’s the Wild Boys tag machine that begins to fall apart. The turning point comes as Randsome is taking a beating in a ring corner from Wayne when all of a sudden he sends one of his wrestling boots squarely into his opponent’s balls. Wayne goes down. He steps out of the ring to recover. And while the Wild Boys have their moments, it’s pretty much downhill for them in this second fall from here. It’s Wayne’s shoulders that are touching the mat as Flyboy slaps the mat three times. The Wild Boy, himself, has taken quite a beating from the Beefcakes in this second fall. The Beefcakes strategy in the third fall is to exploit their opponent’s weakness. That weakness is Chris Wayne. He is the object of a thorough trashing. When the Wild Boy finally tags him, Wayne steps out of the ring, not to return. When the Wild Boy who can’t handle two opponents, goes over to get a tag, Chris Wayne backs away. The Wild Boy is totally pissed. He puts up as good a fight as he can against two opponents, but there is no way he can prevail. He’s an easy pin. In fact Flyboy slaps the mat 3 times – really fast. Immediately after the pin, the Wild Boy is enraged. His string of victories has come to an end. He goes after Wayne, outside the ring, wrapping his bandana around his neck. He pulls Wayne up, shoves him towards the locker room and says, “We have to talk!” The Wild Boys as a Tag Team no longer exist and this was the Wild Boy’s last bout.

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