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CAST: Clint Peak, Derek Cruz, Troy Michaels.

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

In addition to three new HOT bodies Can-Am delivers for your dick`s appreciation, FRAT BOY MUSCLE FIGHTS is a collector`s must-have because Ron Sexton was back in the director`s chair for this muscleshow match. Muscle display punishment and submission suffering never serve your hard-ons better than when Boss Sexton orders his muscle boys to show us what they`ve got. A college gym lockerroom sets the scene for clean-cut, smooth-shaved muscle boys Clint and macho Derek Cruz both geared in second skin blue lycra tights. Clint`s in a red top, and Derek bulges in blue and white. Boss Sexton wastes no time in making his boys work for your wads; with Beau Bradley`s camera work IN so tight and UP so close you can smell the sweat. Sweat and pain are evenly swapped between closely matched golden boy Clint and killer hot Latino Derek. The tights get peeled off revealing sizes-to-small Speedos on each man. The Speedos don`t last long and the action heats up as the boys enjoy their orders from Boss Sexton to maul each other. More heavily muscled Derek Cruz forces the match-win submission from Clint...then both sweat wet hotties jack off for you. Soon beautifully muscled boy-god Troy Micheals shows up and over-confidently challenges both Clint and Derek to a match. YES! Thank you Boss Sexton for the delicious and endless two-on-one muscle punishment of Troy Micheals. Stripped, stretched, mauled, and manhandled....Troy Micheal`s body beautiful sufferes heroically from one humiliating and racking submission to another as both Clint and Derek savor their inevitable victory...then watch the loser jack-off. FRAT BOY MUSCLE MATCH is classic Ron Sexton punish and display muscle action at its best. Welcome back! And give us more of Clint, Derek Cruz, and Troy Micheals in a TWO-ON-ONE - TORMENTED TRIO scenario.

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