Montreal Muscle Bear Fights

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Bruno Sinclair, Ricardo Dias, Marco, Nicholas

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

Montreal’s leading, meat beating video creator, Andre Tardif, brings you Quebec’s finest examples of honest-to-God real muscle men. Finally! Muscle men au natural - with hair on their chests! And these hirsute hunks will wrestle, suck, and fuck their way into your muscle bear fantasies.
Match one pairs bearded hottie, Bruno Sinclair, against always hard Latin hunk, Ricardo Dias. Ricardo’s long, thick, uncut pinga amazingly never goes soft during the match! Ricardo’s yellow speedos can barely contain that raging cock, as he oils up his bear cub prey, Bruno, in a two-tone purple speedo. Bruno returns the favor, and the camera catches all the sexy, sinewy, oiled muscle action. Unfortunately for wrestling newbie Bruno, Ricardo has obviously been training. Ricardo dominates the match, taking every opportunity to grind that speedo covered cock into Bruno’s face and ass. Bruno manages a few moments of superiority during this three round fight - but they are very short lived. When the bare assed action takes off in round three, it becomes pretty clear that Bruno likes that hard-on near his vulnerable holes - despite his protests. And those holes get thoroughly fucked! Bruno chokes on that thick dick over and over, before Ricardo rolls him up on his shoulders, aims his cock straight down, and power fucks that ass over and over. Bruno is nothing but a fuck doll for that hot latin cock.
Match two brings sexy, dominant, Marco, training newcomer boytoy, Nicholas, in the ways of men and the mats. First they stretch out, as they discuss what is ahead for Nicholas. Then they erotically oil each other up, and you can see Nicholas's cock straining to break free of its speedo'ed enclosure, as he works oil into Marco's tree trunk thighs. Marco makes it clear from the beginning that this may be a training session, but he's after one thing - Nicholas's sweet hole. When the mat work begins, Nicholas is surprised by Marco's agressiveness. He wants Marco to take it a little easier on him - which only makes Marco even nastier. In three full rounds, Nicholas has a few moments of glory, but Marco is the master here. Nicholas is just getting closer to a mouth and ass full of bear meat. Marco is very particular about what turns him on, and Nicholas is only too happy to learn. Put the razor away and order up! 2 hours!

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