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CAST: Skip Roberts, Paul Perris


RELEASE DATE: 7/13/2006

Saddle up, gentlemen, Boss Sexton's new RODEO WRESTLING series is going to make you want to run out and get fifteen feet of rope then phone your hottest wrestling buddy for a session. And to get your undivided attention for the first of the RODEO WRESTLING series, Sexton gave fifteen feet of rope to two of the hottest bodies in his Can-Am stable..... killer good looking Skip Roberts, and punishment prince Paul Perris. Skip Roberts and Paul Perris' RODEO match is a body watcher's dream with Skip bulging through his customary pink trunks, and Paul bulging through a peach bikini. The fetish appeal of RODEO WRESTLING is that both wrestlers are continually tying the other up in lasciviously vulnerable positions.... then brutally taking advantage of their opponent's helpless situation. Skip forces a first fall submission out of Paul with a bound leg half-Boston crab back breaker. Paul punishes Skip in a ring corner relentlessly finally taking the 2nd fall when Skip passes out from layers of prolonged rope choking. Muscleboy Skip gets the 3rd submission from Paul with a tied up camel clutch, then drags him into the oil pit. Paul and Skip trade submission after painful submission in oil until you've shot your wads still wondering who won. The answer's clear... you did. Skip Roberts and Paul Perris' RODEO WRESTLING match one is meatbeater hot. You'll thank Boss Sexton for this one.

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