Punished And Sleepered 2


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CAST: Brian Cage, Will Ferrara

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2015

We`ve seen more than our share of "David and Goliath" matches at Cyberfights. What could be hotter than watching the underdog take on the beast? But in Punished and Sleepered 2, we see what might be the best Big vs. Small match imaginable.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall," says Will Ferrara. "I ain`t scared of you."

Ferrara is like a hero out of a legend, from his mutton chops to his fearless gaze. Even at his limited height he carries himself with the pride and baring of a prince. Every inch of his small frame is muscled and hard as a rock, and he makes for one hell of a compelling hero. One might almost suspect he has a chance...

...until the camera moves slightly to reveal his opponent.

Brian Cage is like something out of a wrestler`s worst nightmare! If you thought Matt Maverick was perfection, this guy`s gonna blow your mind. How do you even describe total perfection? If Cage were an action figure dreamed up by comic book artists out to design a character of pure, massive, impossibly huge muscles...Cage would be the result. We`re talking arms that look like they could crush a pickup truck. Thighs that you wouldn`t want to get between on your best day. Not to mention a chest with pecs that are actually larger than his head. Just watching the guy move, talk, breath, and BE feels like watching something that has to be altered with CGI. He`s not. This guy is all real...and Ferrara isn`t even blinking.

Prior to the match, these boys engage in a pose off that leaves Ferrara in the dust. While Ferrara is impressive on his own, he pales in comparison to the unreal Cage, whose muscles beg to be stroked, massaged, worshiped, licked, and honored. But this is a fight, not a muscle worship session. Ferrara is aiming to win, while the rest of us are aiming for him to simply survive in the grip of this heart-stopping paragon of arousing human perfection.

All too soon, tiny Ferrara finds himself in the fight of his life, struggling against a fucking mountain. Head clamped down upon by a bicep that defies description.

The action quickly moves to the floor, where Ferrara finds himself crushed between Cage`s mammoth thighs. This is where things get interesting, as Ferrara simply doesn`t give up.

There`s something highly titillating, arousing, and rewarding about watching two physical opposites go at it. One man, so impossibly huge, almost toying with the smaller man like a tiny bug. That same tiny bug barreling into the big brute with all the force he can manage. Suddenly we realize both guys have incredible, bulging asses in addition to everything else.

It becomes increasingly clear that the big man is toying with this smaller pest, making pointed remarks about Ferrara`s bad haircut, or his earlier threats. Soon Cage forces the miniscule fighter into a corner, where he proceeds to charge him like a bull, only to let him go long enough to rake him across the face gently with the heel of his boot.

When the first epic sleeper hold at last comes, the camera angle is absolute perfection. We are suddenly trapped in Goliath`s grip, struggling along with David as he fights to retain consciousness. The shot is intimate and open. No slingshot will save the day now, or so it seems.

Can our hero beat these impossible odds? Or is this the squash job of the century? Find out now it this stellar second offering from our exciting Punished and Sleepered series.

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