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CAST: Santiago Santos, Christian Thorn

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 3/3/2024

Get ready for the ultimate display of raw power and dirty tactics in "Abs and Grabs 1," featuring Santiago Santos and Christian Thorne in a no-holds-barred battle. Santos, clad in a snug yellow Speedo, faces off against the inked musculature of Thorne, sporting daring grey posing trunks. On the wrestling mat, they engage in a brutal exchange of ab punches and crotch grabs, each vying for dominance. With no qualms about bending the rules, they sink to new lows, showcasing their resilience amidst the agony. Pec pinching, ab raking, and cheeky butt slapping add to the intensity, making this match a spectacle of unbridled aggression and primal instinct. Brace yourself for an electrifying showdown that pushes the boundaries of wrestling entertainment.

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