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CAST: Tommy Cruze, Travis, Joe Stephens, Todd Michaels, Scott Powers


RELEASE DATE: 10/17/2000

For the legions of wrestling fans who are into military boot camp fantasies filled with young muscular All-American recruits, "BOOT CAMP WRESTLER" was made just for you. Co-produced by and filmed at Can-Am`s impressive new Hollywood studio, "BOOT CAMP WRESTLER`s" storyline revolves around recruit Tommy Cruze and his multiple sex wrestling adventures in basic training. Tommy rip-strip wrestles and cums with his very hot Drill Instructor Sergeant Travis, and his barracks bunk mates Joe Stephens and Todd Michaels in the base gymnasium. There`s outdoor bivouac cum shot wrestling filmed in the beautiful Malibu Mountains with Tommy and Scott Powers. "BOOT CAMP WRESTLER" delivers hardcore butt fucking wrestling in the gym; a barracks jack-off; and multiple buff body cum shots from beginning to end. From Sidmoore Shepherd Entertainment and Can-Am, "BOOT CAMP WRESTLER" boasts state-of-the-art production values, indoor sets, outdoor action, beautiful bodies, and endless grunt and groan cum shot wrestling. Highly recommended.

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