Comet Shot Into Control


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CAST: Scrappy, Danny D'Angelo

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/7/2020

What is it about watching the Evil Villain humiliate the Super Hero Stud? Watching the good guy become the plaything of the bad guy? Well when the good guy is muscle pup Comet (played by the Adonis-like Scrappy), I believe we could watch it forever!

Caught in Brainiac’s dark webs, Comet is shot up with a dangerous mind control serum, rendering the muscle stud totally helpless and under Brainiac’s total control!

But now the fun begins! Brainiac takes his time, methodically torturing and humiliating our hero. Comet is put through a horrible workout, forced to punch himself in the gut, eat a banana while getting beat up, and squeeze his nipples while doing squats!

The devastating dominance only gets worse as Comet is forced into more embarrassing situations against his will, each more demeaning than the next!

A muscle worship session follows, where Comet’s god-like physique is put on display for Brainiac’s (and our) pleasure. With each gorgeous pose by Comet, Brainiac forces our Hero to act like a zoo animal! A quacking duck, a clucking chicken, a meowing kitten, even a flopping fish!

Brainiac leaves no rippling muscle unturned, forcing Comet again and again into humiliating situations (including giving us a little dance that will have you rewinding again and again).

Finally, when the Master had enough, he makes Comet perform the most degrading act of all... to cry like the little bitch boy he is now!

Is there any hope for our beautiful boy in blue? I hope not!

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