Dark Lord Dominates


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CAST: Dimitri Darkthorn, Alex Costas

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2021

We light up on an cock raising scene. Muscle hunk Alex Costa in a purple super suit, tied up in the ropes of the dastardly Dark Lords wrestling ring.

Struggling to break free, he is interrupted by the Dark Lord himself, his beautiful body clad only in a black speedo and his mask. The Dark Lord is hungry and he’s ready to play with his prey. He delivers giant blows to Alex’s awesome abs, chokes him out and whips him with own utility belt! During all this devious domination he taunts and mocks our Hero! Challenging him to break free from the ropes that bind him. Poor Alex tries his hardest, but it is all in vain! He’s stuck!

All of a sudden, our Superhero sees his chance and delivers two vicious kicks to the Dark Lord. But this only infuriates the Dark one and he doubles down on his sexy torture!

He begins to strip him down, laughing his ass off as he takes off Alex’s gloves and puts them on himself, stealing our Hero’s powers!

Alex tries every chance he gets to escape and take down the villain, but he is too weak. The more he struggles and tries to fight back, the Dark Lord only destroys him more! The evil monster rips off Alex’s mask and reveals his secret identity. Which is a gift to us, because Costa suffers so beautifully. His muscles practically popping out of his purple unitard. His eyes searching for mercy (or an exit). The Dark Lord decides to drain the last of our Hero’s strength by delivering a brutal boot to the balls and strips him down to a tiny golden thong, which shows off Alex’s giant bulge and beautiful bubble butt.

Will Alex ever gain the strength to fight back or will he become the sex slave of the dirty Dark Lord?

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