Pro Strip Fight 1

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Alex Costas, Gabe Steele

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 9/12/2020

Alex Costa. Damn. Those glorious hairy abs and pecs. Those arms. That beautiful bulge practically busting out of his lime green speedo. He is a beast. He’s currently in the ring stretching out, giving us a view from every angle of his beautiful physique.

Enter the cocky and arrogant, Gabe Steel. Proudly showing off in a pair of sparkly turquoise trunks, his name emblazoned on his beautiful bubble butt. He’s also got his guns draped with two matching gauntlets. His flamboyant gear hides his hunger to destroy muscle men.

After some back and forth trash talk, Gabe and Alex lock up. They start out toe to toe, each getting some good shots in at each other. Alex starts off with a ton of giant blows to Gabe’s chest and abs, but Gabe turns the table and unleashes some awesome power moves, slamming Alex to the mat with no mercy.

But, then Alex retaliates with some stunning shots to Gabe and gives him a taste of his own medicine with a gigantic bodyslam. A look of surprise comes across Gabe’s face, but he doesn’t have the time to figure out what’s going on before Alex unleashes some more punches, an abdominal stretch and a vicious scorpion lock, nearly breaking Gabe in half! Next, Alex slams Gabe’s pretty face into the turnbuckle multiple times. which leaves the sexy Latin stud seeing stars! Alex’s punishment knows no bounds as the muscle man racks Gabe across his back, and then ungraciously drops him onto the mat. Next up, a destructive snap suplex that nearly rips off Gabe’s pretty head! (Seriously!)

There is actually something extremely sexy about watching Gabe get his ass kicked. We rarely see him in this position, and the look of fear in his face and seeing that beautiful beefy bod get thrown around like a rag doll is hardcore spank bank material.

However, poor Alex gets a little too cocky and Gabe gets the upper hand, again, with a brutal knee to the gut and his own snap suplex! And this time he’s not playing around, he methodically destroys Alex, slapping his muscle butt, grabbing him by his green trunks and yanking them up his ass with a wedgie that is so devastating you can feel it at home. He then attacks Alex’s giant bulge with a vicious ball claw, which is prominently displayed for us to enjoy.

Gabe tosses the dazed Alex into the corner turnbuckle, and suspends him upside down in a tree of woe, and stomps that beautiful bulge. Then, to add insult to injury, he stands on the ropes and wedges his foot into Alex’s crotch, nearly castrating him! The Puerto Rican Papi wont stop and applies his own version of a back rack, again, adding a squeeze to Alex’s balls.

Gabe seems to be obsessed with humiliating his prey, with each stomp, punch and slam, he adds in just the right amount of ball torture! Alex looks destroyed and degraded, his muscle meaning nothing against Gabe’s nasty and evil methods.

The Papi pummels Alex in the corner, releasing about 50 blows to his abs, so powerful you can hear thunder. As Alex falls down basically unconscious, Gabe wakes him up with a brutal bronco buster, thrusting his crotch into our beautiful Stud’s face and crushing his chest with his bubble butt!
But Gabe has an ultimate finish in store, he strips Alex down to nothing, letting us see the beautiful cock under those green speedos. Gabe makes sure that beautiful groin is on display for us, as he tortures the naked Alex off with spladles, atomic drops, and a bear hug (oh my)!
Gabe then sets Alex up for more humiliation, trapping him in the turnbuckle and delivering a thunderous Shattered Dreams, destroying whatever was left of Alex’s manhood!
As beautiful as it is to watch Gabe suffer, nothing compares to the flamboyant Papi’s destructive rage when a muscle boy thinks he can compete with him! Adios Alex!

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