Rookie Wrecker

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Cameron Matthews, Max Ryder

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/21/2020

“You’re like a puppy: you’re cute, you’re cuddly, but you’re fucking stupid and you shit everywhere!” - Cameron Mathews

GENTLEMEN’S RULES! Once again, we see Max Ryder trying to rise above his station. But this time, it’s with the King of Underground Wrestling, the one, the only, Cameron Matthews. Guys dream of getting in the ring with this All-American Stud, and usually regret it afterwords as they lick their wounds. But, these two have a bet, and I will double down that poor Max will not be the golden ticket winner.

Cam taunts Max with the chance to double his money, Max naively demands to triple the bet. Cam is only to happy to agree, knowing that the rookie is probably going to go home in a body bag.
They both start off in “barely there” running shorts, Cam in baby face white, Max (trying to prove something) in black. Max looks good, but with each move, Cam reverses it and shows off the Rookie’s mistakes.

Cam notices Max’s shoe is untied and while he lounges luxuriously in the corner, Max tries to remember which hole the rabbit goes through. The Lord of the Underground taunts Max, isn’t he supposed to be some upstart grappler? Max shows some spunk, locking Cam up with a choke hold while spreading his legs apart and letting us know that underneath those white shorts, Cam is wearing beautiful purple speedo. Max then locks Cam in a vicious Boston Crab, it has the King screaming in pain and rage. Our Champ reverses the hold into a scorpion deathlock, and demands Max’s submission.

One would get the sense that Cam is simply toying with Max, letting himself get caught in Max’s messy holds. A body scissor to the Champ leaves him squeamish. But, again, Max’s OTHER shoe is untied. Bless his heart.

Both studs strip down to trunks, Cam in purple (I was right) and Max in royal blue. But again, rookie Max’s shoe is untied, and this time Cam demands a double knot. Then, as the Rookie tries to “criss, cross and go down the hole”, Cam attacks and rolls him up in a small package, Max’s awesome ass is in the air for us to enjoy! He may not be that bright, but his body and bootie is a treasure!

A devastating head scissor follows, where Cam tops it off in a great ball bash with his boots. As Cam says “Max, you are a fair man, but you aren’t a bright man!” It seems that the time for fun and games is over and the boots come off (finally).

Cam slams Max into the corner for some vicious stomps and blows. Is Cameron enjoying this? His gigantic bulge is growing by the minute! He tugs on it, showing that he is getting off on the giant bulldog he delivers to Max! But it turns out, it’s a trick and Cam humiliates Max in a way that needs to be seen to be believed.

But Gentlemen’s Rules are out of the game now! Cam ruthlessly attacks the Rookie, slamming, bashing and utterly demolishing him! The swift kick Cam gives to Max’s balls is hall of fame worthy! The banzai drop to the young kids chest? Perfection! The Shattered Dream to Max’s crotch in the corner? Humiliating!

The moves don’t stop. Cam is enjoying this. He wishes his friends Golden Terror and Gabe Steel were there to enjoy his rookie prey. But he will have to make due without them. He sets the kid up in the corner and gives him the ultimate fan’s dream, a bronco buster that lets Max Ryder get a super close up of Cam’s giant bulge and beautiful ass slammed into his face. Too bad his pain doesn’t give way to the pleasure we are all feeling!

This match seems to be going too long. Both opponents keep trying to change the terms of the bet! Eventually, Cam has had enough and forces Max to submit as he stuffs the young kid’s head into his own crotch! The dirty domination is just starting. There is a reason that Cam is called the “Dick Whisperer” can you guess why?

Cameron Matthew declares he will win “Match of the Year”, “Squash Match of the Year”, “Ball Bash of the Year” and finally “Tickle Match of the Year”! Poor Max has literally become Cameron Matthew’s practice dummy and I don’t know if we will ever see him in the ring again!

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