No Limits

Raw Entry Club

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CAST: John Gatlin, John Vulcan, Kevin Boli, Leo Cooper, Lucky Taylor, M.C. Biggest, Mark Zebro, Richy Rich, Thomas Jedno

DIRECTOR: Stephane Moussu

RELEASE DATE: 6/18/2006

Bartender Thomas Jedino pours a couple of brews for thirsty customers John Vulcan and Kevin Boli, then puts on a show for them behind the bar with big dicked Mark Zebro. The sight of Thomas going down on Mark gives the other two ideas, so off they head back home for privacy. The bar crew keeps on going, not needing an audience to perform. Thomas gets bent over a table where his ass cheeks burn red from all the dick spanking. Zebro sinks his torpedo in deep, hammering all the way in, bottom slut Thomas showing his approval with his stiff cock bouncing away. When Zebro pops his load, it's all over Thomas' furry ass, then Zebro uses it to lube his cock up to drive the seed in before taking a load on his tongue, swapped in a kiss. Back in the bedroom, bar patrons John and Kevin are all horned up and making out. John slides his hairy hole down Kevin's dick for a deep stroking ass fuck. After pummeling Vulcan's bubble butt through several positions, Kevin can't hold back any longer and pumps the cum for Vulcan to take in an open mouth, tongue coating facial. The love of spunk keeps on coming as Kevin gets his own juicy helping.

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