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CAST: Matt Logan, Nikoli Bakov, Paul Perris,


RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2006

TWO-ON-ONE TORMENTED TRIO guarantees who ever you want to win... wins, and who ever you want to lose... loses. Starring muscular CAN-AM newcomer Matt Logan (the run-a-way favorite from POWER MATCH SIX PAK), Polish bodybeautiful Nikoli Bakov, and CAN-AM superstar Paul Perris... TWO-ON-ONE TORMENTED TRIO is a three-feature, two-against-one, muscle bashing actioner that tests the strength, endurance, and pain thresholds of all three hardbodies. MATCH ONE is wrestled in super tight posing trunks and delivers young musclehunk Matt Logan into the brutal double-teaming hands of Nikoli Bakov and Paul Perris. Matt Logan suffers BIGtime! MATCH TWO pits bodybeautiful Nikoli Bakov against the dirty fighting duo of Matt Logan and Paul Perris all wearing skintight, bulge hugging tights. Nikoli Bakov suffers BIGtime! MATCH THREE is Paul Perris' turn to show his torture team just how much punishment his incredible body can take. All three men start off wearing jeans and tank tops. The tank tops get ripped off. The jeans get peeled off. And the astonishing Paul Perris submission finale is wrestled with all three musclehunks wearing tight white Calvin briefs. If any of you manage to hold your loads to the finish of Paul Perris... we'll be amazed... but if you do, you will be treated to a savagely contorted body racking submission hold that Paul Perris resists way past human endurance. Beaten down flat on his stomach with his legs forced into full splits position by Matt Logan, Nikoli Bakov stands full-body-weight on Paul Perris' ass wrenching Perris' muscular arms back and up into a shoulder dislocating surfboard. The position, the agony, and the mercilessly extracted Paul Perris submission has never been seen or executed before. All three athletes win. All three athletes suffer. And all three athletes lose wearing trunks, tights, jeans, and briefs. This first-of-its-kind erota wrestling actioner further defines CAN-AM's supremacy in originality, bodybeautifuls, wrestling gear variety, and the amazing punishment capacity of Matt Logan, Nikoli Bakov, and Paul Perris. TWO-ON-ONE TORMENTED TRIO is three complete wrestling videos in one. Can you blow three times in a row...?

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