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CAST: Rio Garza, Donnie Drake, Christopher Bruce


RELEASE DATE: 11/17/2010

Long time Can-Am customers might either own or remember the original 1997 best seller 2 On 1Tormented Trio starring the spectacular Paul Perris. OK. Fast forward 13 years and Boss Sexton now delivers 2 On 1 Tormented Trio 2 starring the spectacular Rio Garza. The Boss sure knows how to pick 'em... doesn't he? The set up is self explanatory. The result is a punishment trilogy guaranteeing that all three hot bodies... Rio Garza, Donnie Drake, and Christopher Bruce... get punished and tortured by the other two.... one at a time. Your fantasy cup runneth over. Pick your favorite and know for sure he's going to suffer his ass off... singly... for your wad. First up, Donnie and Chris are "stretching" each other out when Rio arrives wearing an eye-bulging red bikini. Poor gorgeous Rio, it happens so fast. He suffers heroically double teamed and double tormented. If you haven't cum already... hang on because dirty Donnie gets double brutalized next. You can see he loves being stretched out and exhibited. He's a muscle ham. There is lots of great smack talk. Then Chris Bruce goes down hard and painfully in 2 on 1 -2 segment 3. A suggestion.... if you don't already own #1, consider purchasing the original classic blockbuster as you're purchasing #2. Directed by Daddy Zeus and photo-filmed by Boss Sexton, the original... guaranteed by mega sales... will float your boat. Order 2 on 1 - 2 and at your request Boss Sexton will toss in 2 on 1 - The Original for $20 bucks (Reg $49). $29 bucks off for this classic meatbeater? You can't go wrong. You won't be disappointed. And you'll be getting both Rio Garza, and Paul Perris in the same mail delivery. It doesn't get better.

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