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CAST: Aaron Aubrey


RELEASE DATE: 6/11/2010

While only 19 yo, Aaron is certainly more mature than most his age. He is very focused, knows what he wants, and how to go about getting it. And he is one hell of a nice guy. The video opens as Aaron is in the pro wrestling ring, stretching, waiting for his wrestling opponent to show up. The opponent doesn`t and after some discussion Aaron agrees that now is a good time to do the Muscle Showcase video we`d been wanting to accomplish. First we interview Aaron. This gives you a sense of his personality, his background, what he does to make a buck. We put him in a blue bodysuit and have him stretch. Next it`s tight spandex yellow football shorts and a T shirt on exercise equipment. The T-shirt comes off and he continues exercising. He switches to a blue T-back and works out with weights. Aaron, attractively and boyishly handsome, has a very pleasing lightly muscled body with a fantasy ass and cock. And he is totally experienced in body language designed to drive men mad. The "Magic Hands" make an appearance. They oil up, feel, massage. Aaron is propped up against the ring ropes. The "Magic Hands" come around from behind and work his chest/abs/arms/shoulders with oil. Aaron is laid out in the oil pit, butt up. Aaron still has on blue trunks. The hands go inside the blue trunks, play with his round butt, his asscrack. The hands pull down the trunks, drip oil on his ass, and play and play! The hands tap Aaron`s side, urging him to turn over. He does. Up pops a huge boner. The "Magic Hands" have to take that boner in both hands to work it. Aaron takes over and goes on to a huge explosion. The "hands" take the camera and work Aaron`s body over with the lens from every angle imaginable. They are all good. After Aaron`s very sexy and sensual and erotic J/O, he towels off and dresses - with us and Aaron having some more verbal interaction before the camera fades off on Aaron`s jeans clad ass. Those into Muscle Showcase videos will adore this one. This one is a gem! It`s everything you`ve cum to erotically expect in our Muscle Showcase videos. And as a bonus at the end of the video, as has become traditional lately, we add preview snippets from several of the wrestling videos Aaron Aubrey has made.

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