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CAST: brian karch, devon rexman, jack russell

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/6/2014

One of the most popular SM action fetishes has always been six-pack abs gut punching. In addition to a jock-nap fantasy, rip stripping, forced bondage, cock sucking, beer sloshing, nipples sucked and chewed raw, flogging, dirty talk, rubber gear, and a three way jack-off...AB-DOMINATION also delivers some of the hottest and most prolonged ab action punishment ever captured on video. Filmed on location in San Francisco. AB-DOMINATION stars Devon (STEEL DUNGEON TWO) Rexman, scrappy Salt Lake City bottom boy Jack Russell, and Daddy Zeus who gives San Francisco stud-hunk Brian Karch the ab punching of his life....all of which was shot in one long session with no breaks. Talk about iron clad abs and endless endurance...AB-DOMINATION delivers just what the title says....BIG time.

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