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CAST: aaron austin, blade weston, matt lawton, thorssen flynt

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 9/27/2013

TRIPLE FEATURE! AUSTIN THE AFFLICTOR stars porno muscle-stud Aaron Austin and take-everything-you've-got muscle-masochist Blade Weston. Shot in an industrial dungeon, Blade takes brutal endless body pounding and flogging punishment from Austin and endures some very imaginative mechanical-action bondage positions. Cum shots. Features Two and Three: Big, butch, he-men bodybuilders Thor Flynt, and Matt Lawton each star in solo "audition" sessions suffering at the hands of Daddy Zeus. Proving that the big boys can take the same punishment they usually dish out, both Flynt, and Lawton get their muscular bodies stripped, stretched, stud-punched, flogged, and worked over thoroughly ...sweating, straining, cumming, and suffering their asses off for your wads. Triple your money's worth!

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