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CAST: Bobby Lee Martin, Jeff Best, John Borsos, Jon-Boy Tyler, Kid Leopard, Michael Reuter, Pete Kramer, Thom Katt


RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

BOUT 1: BOBBY-LEE MARTIN VS. MICHAEL REUTER. Michael was one of BG`s most popular grapplers, appearing in several Arena and Jockstrap Wrestling videos. He may be small but he was very, very aggressive as well as talented. Going up against the larger and very hyper Bobby-Lee Martin tested Michael to the utmost. The theory of getting the bigger guy off his feet to level the wrestling field was used by Michael to his best advantage from time to time. But controlling the bigger wrestler wasn`t all that easy and Michael falls victim to Bobby-Lee in two straight falls. Bobby-Lee does have to work for his victory, as Michael is not a pushover. Check out the friendly nude bantering in the locker room after this bout.

BOUT 2: JOHN BORSOS VS. PETE KRAMER Both grapplers have dark hair, mustaches, and are darkly handsome. Pete is well over 6` and 185lbs, Borsos is 5`8" and 165 lbs, but once again, getting the big guy off his feet on to the mat levels the playing field. Kramer appears in pro gear, trunks and boots. Borsos appears in dark blue trunks and wrestles barefoot. In this match the wrestlers are not shy about shortcuts. There is plenty of punching, elbows, ball grabbing. Since both wrestlers agreed to wrestle all-out with no holds barred, BG agreed to their demand that anytime a wrestler wanted to call time to rest, he could. Both wrestlers agreed to wrestle to exhaustion. One wrestler finally does.

BOUT 3: JOHN-BOY TYLER VS. THOM KATT The original Thom Katt, a very nasty black-eye-patched punk grappler vs. good guy Jon-Boy. Thom is dealing with a seasoned wrestler who has won various wrestling medals. With Thom resorting to eye gouging, nerve holds, claws, and any dirty maneuver he can, Jon-Boy doesn`t stand much of a chance. Jon`s best performance is in the first fall when he gives the Katt a run for his money. Nonetheless, even though Jon-Boy loses the second and third falls, he remains as competitive as possible. But those dirty Katt maneuvers do him in.

BOUT 4: KID LEOPARD VS. JEFF BEST Many customers and fans write to BG to see if they can be one of the wrestlers in a video match. Some write to say they have a fantasy that drives them to want to be squashed by one of the better wrestlers. There is always a bit of a masochistic streak within some wrestlers. Usually the wrestler who wants to be squashed is not worthy to be in a BG video. While Jeff Best was borderline, both Kid Leopard and BG plus Jeff agreed to produce a squash video. Thus Kid Leopard was able to slap on many of the holds that he is famous for including some unique ones from the Leopard book. At the end of the match Leopard throws Best over his shoulder, carries him to the locker room, and bans the video camera from going any further.

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