BG Wrestling

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CAST: Angelo, Buddy Justice, John Borsos, John-Boy Tyler, Kid Leopard, Thom Katt, Tommy Lopez, Tony Davis


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014


Flanked by his “assistants”, Chip Sands and John Jay, Justice prepares for his match. Tyler appears in blue trunks and wrestles barefoot. Justice wears black pro wrestling boots. It isn`t long into the first fall that Tyler is asking Justice to submit as he crushes Buddy`s head in a scissors. Buddy yells out, “Never!” Later, Buddy has an arm bar on Tyler and as Tyler`s face hovers over the mat, Justice yells at him, “Kiss the mat, Kiss the mat!” Jon-Boy doesn`t of course, but this exchange illustrates the very verbal nature of this battle. At one point Jon-Boy appears to be sitting on Buddy`s face, and Justice has his butt up in the air in a vulnerable position. Jon-Boy succumbs to the temptation and whacks Buddy`s ass. It isn`t long before Buddy has Jon-Boy in the same position but this time Buddy`s hand digs down into Tyler`s balls and squeezes. Ouch! Jon-Boy fades and curls up. He comes back and ensnares Justice in a head scissors, asking him again to submit. This time Justice reaches for Tyler`s ear and twists. Agony city! But Jon-Boy still manages to keep the hold. The wrestlers continue to exchange holds in a very evenly fought first fall. Tyler gets a combination full nelson, body scissors on Justice and begins to squeeze him for all he`s worth. Justice holds out for as long as possible, but you can tell from the color of his face that a submission is not far off. A hard charging Jon-Boy bounds out of his corner at the top of the second fall. He gets a big bearhug on his groggy opponent, but Justice shows the crowd on hand that he is far from defeated. Tyler`s left ear suddenly feels teeth clamping down on it. From there Tyler endures a crotch spread, more ear grabbing, punches, knees to his face. A nasty surfboard almost does him in, but he manages to break it. But a very nasty Justice version of the Boston crab evens the bout at 1-1. Justice is particularly brutal in the final fall as Tyler is subjected to all kinds of punishment including choking, body slams, and punches. But he still manages to elude some of Justice`s fav submission holds. But Tyler cannot elude them forever and he eventually gives up. At the end a flattened, mangled, barely able to walk Jon-Boy is lifted on to Buddy`s shoulders. As his “assistants”, Chip Sands and John Jay, part the ropes, Justice carries his conquest into the locker room. The door closes. Sands and Jay stand guard, determined not to let any others enter until Justice signals the all clear. BOUT 2: TAG TEAM ACTION – KID LEOPARD & THOM KATT VS. JOHN BORSOS AND TOMMY LOPEZ Talk about outrageous! Two of the worst rule benders in BG wrestling getting together for a one-time tag team bout! Logistically this was possible because Kid Leopard from the East Coast was visiting the West Coast and BG managed to sign this bout. You have to give Tommy Lopez and John Borsos kudos for bravery above and beyond the call of BG duty. Leopard and Katt have no love for each other, but they managed to call a truce in this bout turning their attention to beating up their opponents. This tag team bout features sly and subtle villainy such as boots on balls, lots of intricate holds. There is a referee who attempts to keep order and largely fails. The bout goes to a full two out of three falls. The match features both submissions and pins. Check out the pictures to give you some idea of the match flavor. BOUT 3: A JOCKSTRAP/NUDE BOUT. TONY DAVIS VS. ANGELO To complete this video BG convinced two of Hollywood`s gay porn stars of the time to wrestle in and out of jockstraps. Blond Angelo proved to be more aggressive and managed to keep up with the bigger Tony Davis. Angelo manages to win the first fall with a combination body scissors/full nelson. In the second the jocks get twisted, pulled, yanked, jacked up asses, tied around ankles, stuffed into mouths, wrapped around throats, and figure prominently in Davis`s second fall victory. In the final fall there is lots of dick and ball grabbing, but in the end the wrestlers succumb to eroticism more than wrestling. There is a post-bout shower scene.

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