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RELEASE DATE: 10/30/2012

BOUT 1: THE BROOKLYN BODYWRECKER VS. BUCK GIBSON - Buck Gibson, clad in blue trunks and boots, shows us his hot muscled body prior to the match.
The Bodywrecker, attired in black trunks and boots, regales us with a verbal tirade prior to clashing with Gibson in ring center. It's pretty much a one sided slaughter in the first fall with Gibson ending up in a corner being subjected to the Bodywrecker's fav hold, the corner” Hangman”. Along the way Gibson suffers in an over the knee backbreaker, stomach punches, head butts, a nasty cross body scissors, ropes suspension, a face claw, among other brutalities. Remarkably Gibson survives and manages to take the second fall with a sleeper. In the third fall the Bodywrecker wratches up the brutality several notches. Gibson's stomach and balls receive special treatment. The Bodywrecker shoves his arm and fist through Gibson's trunks from the backside and clamps his balls. The Bodywrecker's continuing brutality is enhanced by his fertile imagination on what he does to Gibson. BG thought it foolish for Gibson to challenge the Bodywrecker in the first place. And this match is the proof. But for those of you will love to see bodybuilders like Gibson get squashed, and particularly black bodybuilders, this is a match you will love.

BOUT 2: RAW DEAL VS. JASON WARD – Raw “The Mouth” Deal gets down to business quickly in the first fall by fist smashing Jason Ward's face into the mat, and then stunning the grappler with a neck breaker. From there it is mostly downhill for BG's very capable, but usually on the losing side grappler. He does manage one bodyslam on the Deal, but is then bodychecked and clotheslined into dreamland, then made to submit to a combination neck pull and Big Bite by “Big Mouth”. A big bear hug, a power slam and a combination full nelson and body scissors has the Bad Boy from Boston screaming out in pain at the top of the 2nd fall. But a power slam off the ropes and two stomach breakers puts Jason Ward back in his loser place. A surprise body scissors from Ward has Raw Deal's mouth emanating an unusual noise for a change: Pain. But the pain again reverses into Ward's tender balls. Kid Leopard, having joined his brother Raw Deal in their westward trek, particularly enjoys this “ballsy” move. From there, except for one brief comeback try, it is squash job and humiliation city for the eager and honest grappler from Oakland, California. The holds and submissions come one after the other. At the end of the bout Raw Deal has his hand raised in victory by none other than Kid Leopard.


As Jon-Boy, wearing blue briefs and boots, makes his way to his corner of the Arena wrestling ring, he is accompanied by his second, Jason Ward. Kid Leopard enters the Arena, not surprisingly, with his brother, Raw Deal, as his second. This is not a spur of the moment match. Both wrestlers had been challenging each other for years. What kind of a match was it going to be? Honest man-to-man mat grappling? Not with Kid Leopard in the ring. The Kid not only outwrestles Jon-Boy, but he also starts his infamous punching and ball grabbing. It appears that Jon-Boy is in for some rough moments. Thus BG becomes shocked when Jon-Boy, who is certainly not known for underhanded tactics, starts laying in some fists on Kid Leopard. At this point BG is aware that this match is special, that the two grapplers are going to pull out all the stops to try and defeat the other. And, in fact, Jon-Boy manages to win the first fall. But don't think Kid Leopard is going to take this lying down. Jon-Boy's balls all through the remaining time of this match get special attention. They are pulled, mangled, mashed, grabbed, and head-butted. Jon-Boy's trunks are pulled, wedged and yanked. Jon-Boy's ass is spanked, slapped and manhandled. He is bitten, choked, punched, and humiliated as Kid Leopard who has waited forever for this matchup seems totally motivated in seeing just how much punishment this Gay Games medal winner can take. And it is plenty! KL takes the 2nd fall, and in the 3rd and final fall, after taking an incredible amount of punishment, the Leopard slaps the infamous Kiss of Death Sleeper on Jon-Boy. In quite a long process, made excruciatingly so by the erotic grappling nature of Kid Leopard, Jon-Boy literally falls asleep, oh, so slowly! He tries his best to keep it from happening, but in a process as sure as water wearing away stone over time, he falls victim. What does Kid Leopard do to his “special” victims who he is turned on to? Take their trunks! Jon-Boy's trunks are stripped from his body and in a novel twist end up in second's Jason Ward's mouth as he makes a valiant, futile effort to save Jon-Boy from the fate about to befall him. What fate is that? Jon-Boy is awakened and shuffled nude from the Arena to the locker room. Raw Deal bars BG's cameraman from entering the locker room and says that what is about to happen in there is not to be videotaped! What a shame!

BOUT 4: SEAN CANNON VS. COREY SIMPSON – Corey Simpson, all-star high school wrestler, and now a porn star, appears in skimpy blue trunks and black boots. Blond, blue-eyed, Sean Cannon, grapples in all white. Sean was up against a very skilled wrestler, a wrestler only too willing to make Sean his personal wrestling toy, only too willing to humiliate the blond, blue-eyed, heart-throb. You will see in this match, one long fall, just how skilled Corey is as he ties up Sean's limbs in every conceivable way, throwing in a ball grab or squeeze as embellishment. Sean's tight white wrestling shorts are continuously wedged. His ass is spanked. This match features lots of on the mat sexy grappling with more than a little bit of pro moves. It's a nice blend of pro and amateur.

A very, very competitive freestyle matchup. These two wrestlers really did not like each other very much. A friendship gone awry, or what? In any case both were very competitive, each trying to outdo the other. This shows up at the start of the match when they engage in a tit for tat strength moves such as walking on their hands, one-handed pushups, etc… For those who enjoy body punching there is a lot of that in this match. The match is exhausting and finally, after wrestling for quite a period of time, the two roll over, too tired to continue.

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