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RELEASE DATE: 4/13/2012

One fall to the finish. There is no doubt about it that Gibson has the height, weight, and muscularity. But BG knew that Borsos had two ingredients that would give John the edge in this match: 1) wrestling hold knowledge and 2) endurance. BG wasn't too sure about Gibson's endurance. Gibson wears black and red skimpy speedo type trunks that hug his crotch and beautiful butt like a second skin. Borsos comes in wearing trunks that are black in the back and multi-colored in the front. Both wear wrestling shoes. BG never tires of watching Gibson's gorgeous body in action, especially his muscular back and butt. For a long time the match is fairly even with Gibson at first having the edge, but as the match wears on you can tell Gibson is fading. He had not reckoned on the endurance factor. By the time Borsos applies an unusual crotch spread – with his legs scissoring Gibson's right leg and his arms pushing the left one apart – Gibson is fading fast. Gibson gets to his feet slowly and clings to the ropes. Borsos tries to remove him, unsuccessfully at first. He jumps on Gibson's back. Gibson falls and smashes Borsos on his back. Borsos is jolted but recovers. He slaps on a body scissors. Someone in the crowd tells Gibson what to do, but it's no use – his energy is all gone. He gives. He attempts to get to his feet. He can't. He collapses back to the mat.

They wear matching brief blue trunks with black banding which show much ass and crotch, and both wrestlers have bragging rights in these areas. Buddy wears white boots, Billy black. When the grapplers go pro, Buddy has the distinct advantage. When the grapplers do freestyle, on the mat, it's much closer with much of the time the edge going to Billy Powell. Most of the wrestling time is spent on the mat with the action going back and forth, the advantage changing many, many times. Buddy wins the bout in two straight falls, but it is much harder for him to do so than it sounds. There are several times, in the second fall especially, when it seems Billy has him on the edge of submission. In the second fall there is an unusually lengthy sequence that fans of leg holds will enjoy immensely. The two get tangled up in mutual leg holds. The advantage shifts back and forth a multitude of times. This seems to go on forever when Billy traps Buddy in what may turn out to be Justice's submission. It doesn't happen because of a well-placed elbow. Fans of mat wrestling will enjoy this match-up.

Tim has to a large degree been on the losing end, and when he accepted a match-up against arch-villain, Raw Deal BG though it would be like leading a lamb to the slaughter. BG will say right up front that this is a highly entertaining match. There is a large, vociferous crowd to which both Raw Deal and Tim Anderson play to continuously. The video opens in the locker room. Tim Anderson, looking as gorgeous as can be in his yellow thong, is warming up his muscular body. The sight of his muscular back, ass to die for, and muscular legs are cock warming to say the least. Next we have Raw Deal mouthing off as usual. Time goes into the ring and poses for an appreciative audience who make cheers, catcalls and various comments. But Tim is used to handling crowds, as he is a part-time male stripper. Raw Deal appears in blue trunks and black wrestling boots. Tim wrestlers barefoot! If BG thought Tim was going to “job boy” his way through this match, well Tim proves him wrong. Tim tries to match Raw Deal blow for blow and nearly succeeds. With each match in BG Wrestling Tim Anderson has improved and in this bout he was bound and determined to at least let Raw Deal know he had been in a tough bout. It doesn't take Raw Deal long to begin “chewing” on the succulent, muscular Anderson, but it also doesn't take Tim Anderson long to let Raw Deal know he is not going to be an easy loser. A well-placed elbow to Anderson's nuts reminds Tim that neither is Raw Deal. Tim's nuts receive an extraordinary amount of attention during this bout. At one point Anderson throws Raw Deal from the ring. Someone in the audience calls out for him to pose. Posing while Raw Deal is coming into the ring diverts his attention. A well-placed boot into Anderson's torso sends him flying. Anderson's weak points that still need working on include “focus.” He oftentimes, as you will see, pays more attention to the crowd than he does to his opponent, to his regret. Raw Deal wrestles Tim to oblivion in the first fall with his favorite submission. The second fall is the extraordinary one. The two battle tooth and nail to win. Many a time Tim Anderson is on the brink of losing only to come back – including one time where he has been subjected to a sleeper but he didn't quite go out. He comes back again an again and again. Kid Leopard is in the audience. You can tell from time to time, through his comments, that he is becoming a little impatient with his brother's failure to put Tim away for a total match victory. It isn't because Deal hasn't tried. He keeps trying, ball-bashing Anderson along the way, until he gets it right for his total victory. Even though Tim Anderson has gone down in two straight falls, they certainly weren't easy ones for Raw Deal.
Brad Barrett, extremely flexible, with a swimmer's build, is a bit of a wild card. His inexperience in wrestling but willingness to be aggressive and tough adds up to a dangerous combination in Kid Leopard's attempt to subdue him in this one fall bout. He told BG at his initial interview he had had dance and martial arts training background. Kid Leopard appears in leopard print trunks and black boots. He is sporting an enormous hard-on that doesn't appear to go soft during the entire match, but then you know that wrestling is Leopard's total turn-on. With Barrett's willingness to be very tough and not take what Kid Leopard usually dishes out easily, Kid Leopard has to be kind of careful in how he deals with the punk. But thanks to Leopard's in depth knowledge of wrestling holds, carefully and well-placed shots to Barrett's nuts, and the Kid's use of Barrett's tights, the punk eventually finds himself in the ultimate indignity of having to submit, crotch up, across Kid Leopard's shoulders.
With a boisterous and rowdy crowd in attendance at The Arena, Bryan “holds court” so to speak prior to his match-up against a game but ultimately outmatched Jason Ward. When Jason comments that the only action that he sees is Bryan's lower lip flapping, you know that the action is just moments away. Bryan wrestles in blue trunks and black boots, Jason in yellow trunks and white boots. Jason has been a very up front “good-guy” wrestler for virtually his entire BG career and this match-up is no exception. He falls for the old “extended hand in friendship” routine and gets kicked in the breadbasket for it. He also is dumb enough to fall for the “I'm on the ropes” routine as well and just when he has reversed a figure four hold on Bryan who is ready to submit. With no referee and BG rules – how stupid can you be? Bryan's height, weight and experience eventually are telling and Jason goes down in an unusual leg twist. Bryan holds Jason's leg in place with his own and for maximum pain leverage falls back into a wrestler's bridge. Neat! Not content with that painful submission, in this one fall bout, he puts Jason into a beautiful floating octopus and throws him out of the ring. Bryan follows him, hoist him into an over the shoulder backbreaker, hauls him into the locker room. He comes back for one more comment to the crowd before “fadeout.” The first part of this bout is great give and take pro wrestling with Bryan Walsh getting more than his share of lumps along the way. Good highflying action and great wrestling holds.

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