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RELEASE DATE: 2/17/2012


Even though this jockstrapped match takes place in a pro ring, it ends up being a freestyle match. Stavlos is one big dude. At 6'5” and 210 lbs he stands tall. You'll note that the two barefooted grapplers interrupted their match a couple of times along that way. That's because Lucky Stryker couldn't stay the distance. Stavlos, hardly breathing heavy at all, seems to be having his share of fun as he simply keeps Lucky at bay – toying with him. The two trade a few holds – Stavlos's long legs tying up Stryker on occasion. Stavlos finally tires of toying and puts Stryker away in a heels over head pin. He slaps the mat rapidly and emerges as the winner. He announces loudly and proudly that he hails from Moosejaw, Sask., Canada.


You've got to hand it to Alan in the first fall. He not only takes on one of the better wrestlers in BG, but he beats him. The Tiger made a mistake. He decided to try and outwrestle Love on the mat, and while the Tiger's hold knowledge is quite considerable he had to give away a lot of height and weight. Perhaps he was lulled into thinking that Alan Love was a wrestling patsy. In any case Alan amazes everyone, including BG, by out muscling, outwrestling, and even shortcutting the Tiger with a ball squeeze and some other dirty infighting. In fact he is trouncing the Tiger so badly by the end of the first fall that BG personally intervenes and tells Alan to ”Ask the Tiger to give up!” By that time a flailing, barely able to comprehend Tiger, submits readily. The Tiger better go back to the drawing board to come up with a second fall strategy that will allow him to stay in the game. Alan Love comes out like a house of fire. He continues pretty much from where he left off at the end of the first fall. Finally in what seems like desperation panic to BG, The Tiger reverses and tries to bring Alan under some kind of control. This succeeds for a time, but in what BG can only describe as pretty much a give and take situation which mirrored the closeness of the first fall, the outcome of the second is pretty much in doubt until the very end when Collins is able to make Love submit in a reversal that Alan couldn't himself re-reverse this time. BG continues to be very impressed with Love's wrestling skills and ability to stay the course. At one point in the third fall BG wonders if there is an upset victory in the making as Alan continues his manhandling ways. Finally overwhelming frustration sets in. The Tiger, through a combination of sheer force and skill finally breaks through Love's defenses. It's now payback time and he makes Alan suffer in a successive series of holds that eventually pays a dividend. A victory dividend!


If you are into faces BG thinks there are few wrestlers that can match the sheer classic handsomeness of either of these two. Flyboy, visiting the West Coast, looks gorgeously vulnerable in all white trunks and boots. Cliff looks his usual scrumptious self in form fitting blue trunks and black boots. In the first fall Flyboy is more aggressive than usual. He reverses, he attacks and he grapples. But he doesn't win. Cliff's wrestling skills prevail and it's Flyboy who is yelling out his submission by the close of this fall. In the second Flyboy actually controls Conlin for most of the round. He secures a headlock on the struggling wrestler. It slips down around his throat. Cliff struggles! He goes down. In a long and agonizing finish Conlin slowly has his air supply cut off. He fades faster. Flyboy removes the hold at the last moment, but it's obviously all over for Conlin. The second fall is awarded to Flyboy. The choke-out headlock was more of a humiliation than Conlin could stand. The third fall is Major Payback time. Conlin picks and chooses his holds and there are some dandies including a headlock choke of his own. Flyboy is body slammed, suplexed, stomach punched and clawed, bowed and arrowed, bealed, racked, head scissored and finally Boston crabbed. At this point Flyboy can't stand any more pain and gives up.


Big Muscle Time! Wolf Heywood stands 6'2' and weighs 240 lbs. When BG advised Steve Sterling that there was a 240 lb bodybuilder/wrestler who wanted a “challenge,” Steve rose to the occasion. Frankly BG had been trying to make a match for Heywood, but no one after seeing his picture, and hearing about his height and weight was brave enough to take up the challenge. BG reminded these “cowards” that Wolf was a total rookie and that a little hold knowledge and some aggressiveness would probably go a long way. BG believes that some grapplers thought that they were being suckered into going up against Wolf and others recoiled from sheer fear of the unknown. And then BG thought of Steve Sterling. Presto – a match-up! Steve wears yellow trunks and black boots. Wolf wears white boots and very, very sexy red trunks – the kind that slices off halfway up his butt with the rest dipping into the ass-crack. Wolf has a competition bodybuilder physique that is stunning to look at. As usual Sterling's physique is first class competitive. In the first fall Sterling tries a few moves on the big Wolf, but his sheer strength allows him to slough them off. Then Wolf proceeds to take Sterling apart including a beautiful head/face “almost in the armpit” lock. Sterling's strength, staying power, hold knowledge, begins to turn things around and he has Heywood on the run. But a vicious cobra clutch returns the advantage to Wolf Heywood for a sudden first fall victory. Wolf has the advantage early in the second fall, but then Sterling turns it around. When Steve Sterling picks up the 240 lb Heywood for a body-slam and smashes him to the mat, you've got to be impressed! If at any time up to this point one had any doubt as to whether Sterling was up to this challenge, any uncertainty was put aside by this action. Sterling goes on to totally weaken this big muscleman, then puts him in a Boston crab. Heywood muscles his way out of it. Sterling maneuvers Heywood into the crab a second time. In one of the longest, sexiest, Boston crabs (fantastic camera angles and close-ups to make everyone happy) in BG history, Sterling flexes his muscles to the max and sweats up a storm as he tries to convince Heywood to give up. Heywood continues to say “NO!” After what probably seems like an eternity to Sterling, he gives up on the crab and moves to another hold. By this time Heywood is simply a squashed basket case and it's all over. Sterling has proved his mettle by coming back and evening things up. Shortly into the third and final fall, Sterling ties up Heywood in the ring ropes. In a long ring rope roughhouse sequence Sterling pretty much drains Heywood of most of the rest of his energy as he makes sure that when Wolf gets loose he won't be too much of a threat. As Sterling let's Heywood loose he grabs Wolf's legs and flips him over the top rope out of the ring. Wolf has one maneuver in him left. It's a sunset flip pin attempt. It's great to look at but Sterling easily re-dominates the action. We see another body slam, and then an Indian-type death lock on Heywood's legs. He bellows out his submission. Heywood puts up a good fight against the West Cost premiere BG wrestler, but Sterling just overwhelms him.


We're talking about a full out competitive freestyle mat match here! At the first clash it's Randsome with his arms around Wallace's torso as both are on their knees. Randsome looks up and smiles a satisfied look of dominance at one of his buddies. But that smile is wiped off his face as Wallace's legs slowly scissor Randsome into helplessness. In less than 3 minutes Randsome has submitted. He comes out in the second round with much greater respect for Wallace's talent. At the top of the second fall Scott manages to get behind Bass and brings him to the mat in a kind of a headlock. But it isn't long before Randsome again is suffering in one of Wallace's dangerous body scissor holds. And he suffers for a long time. He eventually manages to turn Wallace over and they struggle in the ropes with Bass continuing to hold Randsome locked in the scissors. Later Bass reaches up with his hands and clamps on to both of Randsome's big meaty pecs. Between this pec clamp and the scissors, Randsome falls over on to his back. A little more struggle and Wallace shifts his scissors to Randsome's head. He pours on enormous pressure and it isn't long before Scott Randsome is submitting. Randsome, a 19 year old teenage bodybuilder contest winner who thought he could outmuscle a top wrestler, finds quite the reverse. He goes down to the strength in Bass Wallace's legs. Pretty respectable considering the 30 lb weight advantage held by Randsome. Both wrestlers wear purple trunks and both grapple barefoot.


This is a very hot match-up featuring two wrestlers that between them have virtually no body fat. Good physiques, great endurance, and mutual interest. It has all the makings for a very interesting match-up. Doug is in red trunks, Derrick in green, and they wrestle barefoot and grapple competitively. Notice the eager and smiling look on Doug's face as he approaches Derrick. He is happy to be in the wrestling ring with the potential for some great body contact. Poor Derrick James! BG doesn't know for sure if he knew what he was getting into. He is subjected to a total, and we do mean total squash job in the first fall. Doug just plays with him – putting him into a variety of holds (lots of scissors) and then watching and listening to him suffer. When Derrick doesn't utter the words, “I give” to Doug's satisfaction, Doug orders him repeatedly. When Derrick finally does submit he looks considerably dazed when Doug releases his hold. The second fall is more of the same, except even more delicious as some of the holds get very sexy.

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