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RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2011

Both grapplers are in superb muscular condition, and both know their way around a wrestling ring. This is a very good wrestling match with many reversals, some quite stunning. Some holds are unique. With the match split at 1 fall apiece, and with Dane within a knats eyelash of winning the 3rd with a Boston crab, Scott's longtime tag team partner, Cliff Conlin, comes in and ambushes Tanner. Scott and Cliff gang up on Dane, double-teaming him with all kinds of holds and maneuvers. Cliff, having done his job, leaves the ring. This leaves Scott to throw a Boston crab on Dane and win the day.

Cliff is all warmed up and hot for action, having just helped Scott Randsome beat up hapless Dane Tanner in Arena Wrestling 24, Bout 1. Cliff finds Jake Scorpio not as easy a target when you can't blindside. In fact Jake is a very competent wrestler with a background in amateur wrestling. He takes to Pro Wrestling with ease. This is a match that goes two out of three falls. Jake wins the first fall with an over the shoulders backbreaker. Cliff is a bit frustrated after having lost the first fall. In the second he resorts to illegal tactics. When he combines rough tactics with his super knowledge of wrestling holds, look out! Jake finds this out as he gets pummeled, thrown about, punched and choked and before you can say “Jake Rabbit”, he's submitting to one of Cliff's amateur wrestling holds. It's as easy as that when Cliff concentrates on “business”. And while he starts the 3rd and final fall aggressively and dominantly, slowly you see Jake start to get his wrestling act together. At first it is just a reversal here and there, but then there are holds applied. This match features some great wrestling by two experienced wrestlers.

Steve Starr is in the best physical conditon of his life as he enters the ring against the very exceptional wrestling talent of Vic Silver. Starr has a real challenge ahead of him in grappling Vic Silver, who has a perfect won/loss record with the BG Wrestling Federation. This bout, with excellent give and take pro action, goes the full two out of three falls. Ifyou like your wrestling inspired, hot and sweaty, brawling and scientific, with muscles galore, this one is for you.

This is a fast and furious freestyle bout. Tyson Johnson, looking lean and ripped, shows us his amateur wrestling expertise against a lean, quick opponent – Doug Anthony. Doug's experience doesn't match that of Tyson, but he has a lot of heart and gives Tyson a good energetic tussle. Tyson knows that he has an opponent that doesn't quite easily, but that makes him work all the harder to slap on good holds. Tyson's energy and speed never seem to flag. Doug's energy and speed matches Tyson's in Fall 1, but halfway through Fall 2, he fails. From then on its all Tyson. Tyson wins two straight falls. As a side note, Doug's favorite hold is the side headlock. It is too bad he didn't have the strength to get his opponent to give up in it.

Frank Harris thought his wrestling talent could beat Scott Randsome. Not that Scott Randsome had a lot of wrestling talent, but he did have more than stupid Frank Harris. He also had a muscle, weight and strength advantage. And it is the strength advantage that counts here, with Scott Randsome forcing Harris to submit in holds in which Scott's strength is the main factor. Got to give Frank props for being brave enough to enter the ring against someone much larger than himself. This is a basic freestyle wrestling match.

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