Atom Attack


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CAST: Bobby Blake, Jobe Zander

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

Wonderboy Atom (Bobby Blake) is in a class by himself. The youthful, classically handsome stud has everything necessary to be a hard hero. Powerful arms, inquisitive face, cum-gutters for days, all perfectly highlighted by clinging red and green attire. Best of all, his tan, toned legs and thighs are emphasized by a layer of golden-brown hair that catches the light in a play of textures and tones that will tantalize the viewer as this initially unconscious hero writhes and struggles to come to in a place of darkness and terror. The callow youth awakens, only to discover he`s been outfitted with a trio of thick, pain-inducing cuffs that shoot throbbing jolts of pain throughout his exquisite, yet powerless body. A disembodied voice encourages him to forget his questions, his fears, his mission. Pain is his only friend, it seems. Soon the hard hero finds himself locked in combat with a shadow presence, one who takes advantage of his painful limitations, both with a threatening electric shock device, and with black-gloved hands. Atom`s hairy body is twisted, molded, and forced into one painful position after another...each squeeze and wrench and pull eliciting a cry, whimper, or sob of misery from those flawless lips. At last Atom is shirtless, exposing a mouth-watering chest, sharp nipples, and a lean torso also gently emphasized by glistening hair. Atom is roughly rolled into an almost impossible position by his masked opponent, one that sees his crotch pressed almost to his face, exposing his glorious ass and deep, sexy armpits, as his hands are forced over his head, and his green-clad package is punched, groped, and brutalized with an almost fervent glee by the dark minion. Atom`s trunks are finally peeled back, and it`s just as we suspected...his bare ass is pure perfection, in addition to everything else. Pain, confusion, and hand-to-hand combat are only part of Atom`s punishment. He is chained with legs splayed outward, wrists attached to a chair. He is stripped of his insubstantial speedo, left completely nude, as glistening oils seem to fall from the ceiling, dripping down his chest and torso, flooding those legendary cum-gutters, and adding even further definition to his sextastic body hair.

This is not torture, this is pleasure, pure and simple, and the wonderboy`s throbbing, massive meatcannon is handled with expert care by the black-gloved hands of the seemingly faceless minion. Now the play of light and dark, black gloves on golden, oil drenched skin, becomes a work of art. Camera angles glare upward, giving us cock-hardening access to shots of the hero`s impressive thighs, balls, and cock, as he throws his head back and soaks up the oil, the massaging hands, the bizarre balance of master and servant that he is straddling every minute of this "torture". Now, the place Atom desperately wanted to escape from is a place few people could leave. And just like that, his bonds are broken, and Atom is free. Will he fight? Will he flee? Or will be take his glistening, oil drenched cock in hand, and finish like a man?

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