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CAST: alex north, steve dragyn

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/6/2014

Double Feature: STEVE DRAGYN Montreal bodybuilder, NYC SM performance artist, All USA full contact Karate Champion, and All Japan Koshiki Karatedo Champion, has been strictly trained never to show pain. Steve's classically tattooed, weight trained body became the SM punishment focus to make him break. Does he break? Steve takes his pain seriously through multiple bondage positions, and a cum shot. For you who like their bondage bottoms young, inexperienced, with chiseled musculature, watching vanilla porno puppy ALEX NORTH's first S/M B&D session is like watching an obedience class at the all boys Academy of No Mercy. Alex gets his first ride in a sling, dildo'd, spreadeagled, cropped, flogged, retied, split spread, punished long and hard, and finally allowed to cum. Both sessions on the same video.

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