Battle Doom


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CAST: Patrick Femel, Kaya Rydell, Dylan Wood, Mike Laroche, Poncharelli, Puck, Rocky Sanoma aka Rocky Star

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 1/22/2014

In one of director Beau Bradley's most interesting hard hero / pro wrestling combo actioners, muscular blond superhero Maximus finds himself in super villian Gyrin and his league of evil drone's hideout. Gyrin promises Maximus if he shoots one of his super loads, he'll be set free. Gorgeous hotbody Maximus delivers a spectacular super load, but Gyrin changes his mind and orders Maximus to fight his personal guard of four bodybuilder drone henchmen.

One by one each drone fights Maximus using their superpower but each one fails and is then subject to the minion's bondage work. Super hero, pro-wrestling, and muscle bondage fans are guaranteed their money's worth in Battle Doom. Lots of tuff pro-wrestling action. Six very hot bodies. A super hero that can really take a beating. And the group jack-off finale is a fountain of testosterone spluge. For all fans, the excellent lighting, special effects, editing, make-up, and gear make BATTLE DOOM an incredible superhero collectible.

Starring Mike Laroche, Rocky Sanoma, Poncharelli, Kaya Rydell, Patrick Femel, and Dylan Wood. Excellent hero bondage by Puck. Directed by Beau Bradley.

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