BG Wrestling

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CAST: Chaz Carlton, Chris Stone, Don Vincent, Eric Steele, Helmut Dietrich, Jamoo, Mike O`Bryan, Peter Bishop


RELEASE DATE: 9/1/2014

BOUT 1: CHAZ CARLTON VS. HELMUT DIETRICH Chaz uses Helmut pretty much as a wrestling boytoy. With Helmut`s cute butt and handsome face, what is not to like. And Chaz loves spanking that butt as the wrestling match proceeds, putting Helmut into holds or maneuvering him so that he can gain butt access. He also loves shoving his crotch into Helmut`s face.

BOUT 2: DON VINCENT VS. CHRIS STONE Check out Don Vincent`s hard-on as he takes on Chris Stone in his one sided erotic matchup. Don has it virtually throughout the whole match. Don erotically controls Stone from start to end. The cum-splashing finish has both erupting at the same time.

BOUT 3: PETER BISHOP VS. JAMOO Peter Bishop has, without doubt, the finest ass in BG Wrestling. And Jamoo take advantage of being in close proximity – feeling it up, wedging, spanking and stripping. Since these guys are porn stars BG kind of figured the wrestling would be half hearted and they couldn`t wait to get to the sex. BG was surprised and it is the exact reversal of that. The wrestling is spirited, aggressive. There is nudity, but no sex.

BOUT 4: MIKE O`BRYAN VS. ERIC STEELE Mike is just too good for Eric. He applies all the holds he knows, from lots of scissors holds to sleepers. Eric manages to win one fall, but loses a whole bunch along the way. Mike gets Eric to give up a great cumshot at the end, and Mike gives us one as well.

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