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CAST: Beau Bradley, Brawley Colt, Danny Lee


RELEASE DATE: 4/13/2005

Ever since he got his Can-Am corner office from Boss Sexton, we haven't seen too much of Beau Bradley in the ring. And isn't it interesting that now Boss Sexton is releasing a Beau bash video in which his favorite wrestler employee gets his ass kicked by two Can-Am muscle stable studs... Brawley Colt, and Danny Lee? Could Beau have gotten too big for his Speedos and Boss Sexton needed to knock him down a notch or two? It couldn't matter less for his fans... because winner or loser.... Beau is back!

And in MATCH ONE, your boy Beau is chest shaven with short dark hair. Killer hot, pierced nipples, golden boy Brawley Colt gets things going with a match-long barrage of sucker punches. Brawley body punches Beau into a 1st fall submission with a Beau sighting for sore eyes... a split spread crotch stretch. Brawley beats Beau some more and forces another submission using the same punishing splay stretch. A weakened Beau does manage to win the 2nd fall. But Brawley power punches his way to Beau's 3rd fall submission crotch splitting him again like a chicken wish bone. Brawley celebrates by blasting off a victory jerk.

In MATCH TWO, Beau sports his muscle punk Billy Idol look with white spiked hair, against muscle movie hero looking Danny Lee. Whudda body stud Danny's got. Happily paying to watch these two muscle machines stroke, strike, strain, and punish each other is why Boss Sexton is smart. But rest assured... BEAU BRADLEY - BEATEN BACK TO BACK is decidedly worth every buyer's bucks. Beau in hot Hot HOT pink short shorts, and bronzed god Danny Lee in a sun yellow bikini makes this duo an eye popping pair. After winning the 2nd fall, Beau drags Danny from the gym mat to the oil pit and the muscle show heats up. Yeah, your boy Beau goes down for the count by the end of match submission, but he takes all the punishment Boss Sexton contracted Brawley and Danny to dish out...looking GOOD.

If Boss Sexton feels the need to discipline his boy Bradley in the future....a continuing BRADLEY - BACK TO BACK series could include....Bound & Beaten, Bound and Belly Bashed, and Bradley Battles Back.....all just suggestions. But available NOW...order BEAU BRADLEY - BEATEN BACK TO BACK. You'll love every punch.

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