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CAST: Beau Hopkins


RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2009

The first video features the most popular wrestler in the Canadian Musclehunk series: Beau Hopkins. Beau gives us a full gear fashion show video shot in the Can-Am perspective including a long top to bottom look at Beau in a tight blue singlet, long white calvins, blue stripe shorts, black stripe shorts, briefer calvin underwear, strap-side underwear, a white T-back, a T-back with a hard-on. You`ll see Beau frolicking at the beach, creating a sensation wearing only a yellow thong. He plays around amongst the crashing waves. He lies down on the sand for a tan. We look at him stomach up, stomach down. He oils his body. We see him working out in the backyard. He takes you through some barbell exercises, showing you how he builds his body and making suggestions as to how best to build yours. He oils up. He poses. We catch him at his resort hotel on the basketball court "playing with himself" - aiming his balls for the basket. He makes several holes in one. He cools off in the jacuzzi in a very brief, very cock revealing pair of trunks that create another sensation. He goes to the pool, dives, swims, lounges.

He returns to his suite, poses a bit more and for the first time goes completely hard and nude. You won`t believe your eyes when you see that monstrous cock fully extended. A shower. Bye Bye Beau! We look forward to seeing more of you next time. As an add-on Can-AM also presents Beau in some edited but very hot wrestling scenes, both oil and dry pro. A beautiful complete showcase of a beautiful Canadian Musclehunk.

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