BG Wrestling

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CAST: Christopher, T.J. Swan, Tony Kawui


RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2016

T.J. SWAN - When T.J.`s huge 10" cock first appeared it caused a sensation. But there is so much more to T.J. He has one hell of a muscled body. T.J. works out, stretches, and of course is subjected to some "Magic Hands", with oil. The "Hands" play with his beautiful muscled pecs, his big cock, his gorgeous ass. He treats us to some nude muscle posing with the oil glistening off his body. A J/O by T.J. on his huge tool at the video`s end is quite the sight.....

TONY KAWUI - Tony is an interesting ethnic blend, half black, half Hawaiian. He makes a living doing exotic male dancing. He`s not a bodybuilder, but he does have a tight defined gymnastic type physique. We feature Tony stretching, working out with weights, and posing. A "Magic Hands" sequence follows with Tony seeming to be getting into his own beautifully muscled body as much as the "Hands", for in this scene you will see four hands lovingly caressing our hot black/Hawaiian. The "Hands" dip down into his jock to extract his extended cock. Tony has gotten into this scene so thoroughly that he has to finish the job. The final sequence is Tony taking himself to "the end" in a neat jack-off....... CHRISTOPHER - clad in the tightest of workout shorts, Christopher has one of the most chiseled physiques that BG has ever seen. The camera studies and lingers over his spectacular definition as he slowly works out with weights. Naturally a body like this has to be "Magic Handed". All parts of Christopher`s body are caressed and massaged. The "Magic Hands" are so turned on to the whole thing, as is Christopher, that they stay with him right up to his erupting "cum" clusion. Oil, muscles, cum, hard-on`s! What more could you ask for except a shower as a last scene.

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