BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 7/1/2009

When BG suggested that Josh might be interested in wrestling Kevin, Josh asked for a picture. Upon seeing the image, Josh licked his lips and said he was “very interested”. Who wouldn’t be! Luscious bi-sexual teen (19) Kevin was a “delectable morsel” who Josh would love to get his hands on, and mouth, tongue, and anything other extremity that could get at him. Kevin for his part, agreed to wrestle Josh and so BG decided to make a “story” out of it. The video opens with the two stretching and talking and agreeing on match rules. Kevin gives away some weight, but he stated he was “feisty” and was willing to give it a go. Feisty is the correct word. Kevin is speedy, doesn’t hesitate to smack butt and give wedgies, and make it a pretty good wrestling contest. As the match proceeds into the third fall, Kevin starts to fade and Josh starts devouring his opponent through kisses, hands, and eventually his tongue. The tongue part comes during Kevin’s 3rd fall submission and subsequently. The two then decide to take a shower. From there its cocksucking, more rimming, and jack-off. The wrestlers give off two satisfying cum shots. This is a very, very sexy video featuring well built Josh and cute as fuck Kevin.

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