BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 4/28/2010

CARL SEER VS. BRIAN KIDDDOP: 04/20/1996Sometimes when two hotties meet, wrestling can be extended foreplay. In this case BG had worked with Brian Kidd before and knew him. Brian mentioned he had met some hot guy and was going to “get it on” with him. BG suggested that they meet on the mat for some hot interaction. And that is exactly what they did. It is documented here - in this video. There were holds used to freeze the other guy so hands could roam. Carl loved Brian’s tight zipper shorts. When the zipper is pulled down in the rear, Carl’s tongue enters Kidd’s crack. In fact Carl’s tongue spends most of the video up Brian’s ass. And from the panting coming from Brian’s lips, you can tell that he is enjoying what is happening to the fullest. There are two submissions, but more importantly at the end of the video there are two emissions. There is ass eating, nudity, cock sucking, j/o. Yummie!

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