BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 7/19/2006

Of all the Rip and Strip Wrestling matches BG videotaped (4 of them) this was his favorite. Why? Because the wrestlers engaged in all-out no “holes” and “holds” barred wrestling. Ren Adams did not shrink from grabbing Brad’s balls and squeezing. The rougher the wrestling got, the harder Brad’s dick became. Towards the end of the match, after all the clothes were ripped off, and it takes a long time to do it, Brad’s cock was iron hard, and he was doing his level best to stick it in somewhere ­ whether it was Ren’s mouth or his ass. Ren, used to being the total top, in the end came very close to being a bottom. Brad Michaels has a perfect butt, and it motivated Ren to stick his tongue up there as far as it would go. You’ll see Brad purring like a kitten as the wrestling ends and the “getting off” begins. Apparently that was the only way to “calm” him down? Jack-off is the pay-off when they get-off. You may be more exhausted than the wrestlers by the time this video is done.

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