Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Billy Herrington, Mark Wolff, JT Sloan, Duncan Mills

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Matt Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 8/1/2017

Billy Herrington the muscle GOD is back for part two of this 2 part collection.

As a reminder... We went back into the vault and pulled all the camera masters we had on Billy. We tasked our editor with reviewing all the footage and starting over with fresh eyes. Use all of the footage that was left on the original cutting room floor. This project has so much footage that we have to release it in two parts. This part one runs just under three hours. Full re-edits with all sorts of never before seen footage.

First up.... Billy's very first scene for Can-Am... Billy Herrington in Worship, a voyeuristic muscle trip for the connoisseur of BIG, hard, sexy musclebods. Billy rides his motorcycle by then drives into a play space that is ready with all sorts of sexy tight muscle gear and apparatus to show off a hot bod. Billy gives us a fashion show of different gear selecting one outfit after another. You are the camera and Billy talks directly to you... "Do you like what you see?" Flexing and pumping his muscles - straining against hanging chains that tie up his muscular torso. Then come the sexy leathers which Billy looks stunning in... a slow strip then a hot jack-off.

Next we have the record breaking scene from Lords of the Lockerroom featuring another muscleGOD, Mark Wolff. These two muscleGods in the same room at the same time was instant combustion. Hitting the mats - Billy wears a silver and blue Speedo while Mark wears a blue with orange and black striped Speedo that can hardly contain his well known manhood. Back and forth they are stretched and put on muscle display wearing each other down slowly. The Speedos come off and the beating continues with the smack talk. Each of our GODS stroke out gushers then continue to the next fall.... where one of the GODS is put to sleep while the other gets a condom and goes in for the kill......

Next up is a screne from Wrestlers... Billy against the sexy Canadian JT Sloan. Billy wears long blue tights with white wrestling boots. His tights are stretched to the limit like second skin. If you're a gear fan... Wowza! JT wears blue knee length tights with white wrestling boots and while he looks like he should be able to hold hid own,,, Billy has his way with JT, not just HIS way but EVERY way. Absolutely a sexy match from start to finish. Fall two has both back in posing trunks, Billy in orange and JT in lime green - not that you'll have much time to notice cause they're gone pretty fast. Great wrestling moves and display holds, crotch grabbing and body stretching. Billy is way too strong for JT and easily wins putting JT in position to worship his muscleMASS. Suck it, Kiss it, Lick me pose and you jack it and blow your load.

Finally we have Billy against Duncan Mills from Workout. Both in jeans to start - the fight ends up being a rip and strip bonanza. Down to their tight white underwear the fight continues as Duncan makes some headway against the muscleGOD... but Billy MUST be toying with him - right? Lots of great mat action that finally leads to cock-sucking, body worship, and a good solid fucking.

Part two is a full 2 hours and 40 minutes.... and is a must for any Billy Herrington fan.

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