BlackJack's Binding Belts


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CAST: Landon Mycles, A.J. Irons

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/29/2016

Heroic Purple Haze (Landon Mycles) finds himself in trouble again, this time lost in a maze of shadow and mist, suddenly caught in a net that emanates a peculiar green glow. Unable to move, Haze is undone by a poisonous cloud that leaves him utterly useless and at the mercy of his highly sexual enemy, BlackJack (played by a magnanimous A.J. Irons).

BlackJack crawls into the darkened space to inspect his prey, dressed only in boots, mask, gray Speedos, and a skintight black and silver top, he is quick to climb upon Haze, humping, straddling, and groping his fair body, so generously displayed by the open front supersuit that puts his abs, pecs, and perfect nipples on display.

Purple Haze soon finds himself struggling for release against a flawlessly applied bondage setup constructed entirely of black leather belts and rattling silver gear that has him utterly trapped, ankles bound, wrists tied, so tightly, all the hung hero can do is roll around the blackened space, struggling for freedom, or an answer.

"Don't struggle!" BlackJack says, applying forced liplocks, nipple kissing, and chest fondling strokes that only confuse the imprisoned hero. BlackJack catches Haze between his thighs, fondles his head, and twists his nipples until he's moaning like a bitch. Soon haze is on his knees, willingly sucking BlackJack's hardened fuckrod while storking his own through a rip in the leg of his supersuit.

BlackJack peels off his garments, offering Haze his chiseled, tanned body, so beautifully sculpted Haze has no choice but to lean into those glossy abs and inhale the fragrant scent of BlackJack's glorious body hair, and balls. It's a dick sucking, ass fucking, feet in the air, shaft pumping, cum spewing, crying out for mercy while begging for more kind or superhero adventure that only Can-Am can provide,featuring two models in harmonious, hard-bodied synchronicity!

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