BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 8/20/2010

This video has a story. Lars (big blond bodybuilder) and Thomas (dark haired dude) are working out, casting sly furtive glances at one another. Meanwhile Ingo comes in and starts to clean the mirrors. He is very sexually active at 19 yo and very much wants to worship Lars. Lars kicks him out and both he and Thomas continue to work out. Lars poses, strips, and shows Thomas the best way to gain muscle. While the dialogue is all in German you will be able to get what is being said because there is a lot of pointing and muscle feeling. Ingo returns and this time he gets personal and up close. Lars and Thomas take advantage of Ingo wanting “to serve” and the scene becomes very sexual. Both Lars and Thomas grab Ingo’s blond hair and direct the activity they wish. Later, you won’t believe the height and volume Ingo’s cum shot attains when he finally lets loose at the end of the video and story.

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