BG Wrestling

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CAST: Tom Katt, Rocky


RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2019

Fans of big hairy 200 lb plus musclemen will enjoy this video immensely. Clad in a black jockstrap, which contrasts with his dark body hair, Tom is the epitome of masculine muscularity. Rocky, through a combination of oral and digital, appreciates every part of Tom's beautiful body. Rocky looking absolutely amazing, as always, acts as your proxy in worshipping Tom the way you would.

Tom Katt has some big, big, high peaked bi's and Rocky worships them as Tom bounces and flexes them along the way. There is pec bouncing, nip sucking and tonguing. Tom himself takes on the task of worshipping Rocky's beautiful backside and butt, lovingly stroking the beautiful tight bod. He slowly and gently lowers Rocky's tight, sexy trunks and appreciates his hard butt. Rocky moves in on Tom's hard cock. BG is in tight and close with the camera angles. The two go on to a nice, mutual J/O.

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