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RELEASE DATE: 5/18/2009

BODY WORSHIP 46 (Starring: CHRIS CAMERON & CHIP NOLL)Our straight boy (or gay for pay), Chris Cameron, returns for an intense boy/boy erotic video. How do you get a straight boy to do a video like this? You certainly do not get them to do a video like this by holding a picture of the worshipee, in this case cute blond boy Chip Noll. No, the only way a straight boy will do a video like this is because of the US Dollar. They need money at a particular moment in their life, you have money, and so a deal can be done. You discuss what is to be done, stick to the script, and do not spring any surprises. In the case of Chris Cameron you have one of the nicest guys you'll ever hope to meet. That is what makes working with Chris so delightful. Chip, of course, realizes that this is a once in a lifetime chance for him to work over someone like Chris, so he doesn't want to blow it. (Actually he does, so he does) Check out Chip's facial expressions along the way. It's as if he's sitting down to a fabulous dinner and eating it the way he wants. Who wouldn't, if allowed to do what Chip does. At the video opening, the two have a Buddy Workout at the local gym. They are easy and friendly with each other and having a good time. Chris is showing Chip pointers on how to get the most out of his workout. Chris's pointers are legit because he has done personal training. By the time the two get to the private area they are ready for some erotic behavior. Chris is now totally at ease with Chip and allows him pretty much to do anything to him. What Chip does makes Chris feel really good. You'll see! In fact Chip got so excited in working over Chris, that he blew his own load before he was supposed to. He warns BG that he is about to cum, so BG doesn't miss it. Yikes! That was close! Chris stands at military parade rest, as if to say to Chip, “come work me over at your pleasure”. And, Chip, standing in for all of us, does. He worships Chris's big bi's, solid tri's, huge thighs and big cock. Eventually he places Chris on the mat and works him over some more fore and aft, including a nice cumshot. A shower with Chip soaping up Chris ends this hot video.

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