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CAST: Jake Steel, Jeff Steel, Diego Mykonos, Darius Mykonos, Skip Roberts, Andy Roberts, Beau Hopkins, Bobby Hopkins,


RELEASE DATE: 3/3/2009

JEFF STEELE VS JAKE STEELE Beefy butch bodybuilders Jeff and Jake Steele flex their muscles and egos in BROTHER VS BROTHER`s first match. Younger, longer haired Jeff in peach trunks is out to beat his older brother Jake in pink trunks no matter what it takes to win. Jeff aggressively takes the first fall with a face-down shoulder breaker surfboard. Big brother Jake roars back taking the second fall putting muscle brother Jeff out cold with a prolonged sleeper choke hold. Determined to win and punish his older brother, Jeff takes the third fall and match forcing Jeff to submit to a knee dislocating figure-four leg lock.

DIEGO MYKONOS VS DARIUS MYKONOS Exotically handsome, beautifully built Greek brothers Diego and Darius Mykonos are only one year apart in age, and both weigh 200 muscular pounds each. Older longhaired Diego in light pink trunks is out to teach younger brother Darius in dark pink trunks who`s boss taking the first fall with an excruciating camel clutch neck breaker. Little brother Darius evens the score forcing a stubborn big brother Diego to submit to a second fall submission using a Boston crab back breaker. Prolonged revenge punishment wins the match for Diego by beating Darius into semiconsciousness and kicking him out of the ring.

SKIP ROBERTS VS ANDY ROBERTS Killer good looking 22 year old muscleboy Skip Roberts gets punished and squashed by his older brother Andy following a gym workout partner dispute. After taking the first fall with a figure-4 submission, Andy in turquoise trunks is surprised by Skip in pink trunks with a second fall win using a payback reverse figure-4 submission. Older brother Andy goes to work on his baby bodybuilder brother with a series of torturous agony holds that show off Skip Roberts` in-your-dreams face and body. Finally after punishing his little brother past his limits, Andy forces the muscle boy`s final submission with a brutal camel clutch.

BEAU HOPKINS VS BOBBY HOPKINS Exclusive, reclusive Can-Am superstar Beau Hopkins is back to brutalize his little brother Bobby winning the first fall with an over-the-knee back breaker; loosing the second fall to Bobby`s punishing double hammerlock; but taking the match with a choker sleeper. Wearing a red bikini with almost a 40 pound weight advantage, big beautiful breathtaking Beau punishes and dominates baby brother Bobby in grey trunks. Beau Hopkins fans order up, the King of Can-Am is back and still the most handsome muscleman in Toronto.

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