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CAST: Jungle Stud, Mike Mackey, Kelly Atkinson, Don Michaels, Antonio Ruiz, Mark Hammer,


RELEASE DATE: 5/3/2010

Taped in Can-Am`s Los Angeles studios, CALIFORNIA HOT BODS is the mat action explosion that occurs when muscles collide. Three down and dirty pro punishment matches pits the unpredictably wild Jungle Stud against big blond bodybuilder Mike Mackey; cocky goodlooking Kelly Atkinson vs young musclehunk Don Michaels; and macho muscleman Antonio Ruiz vs hotbody beachboy Mark Hammer.

Match One: JUNGLE STUD vs MIKE MACKEY. Musclejock Mackey in a pink bikini battles, suffers, and loses fall one to His Jungleness wearing a striped bikini. Muscleman Mackey`s bearhug crushes the air out of the wild one winning fall two. Then remembering last year`s painfully humiliating loss to the Stud, Mackey gets physical about winning fall three and the match. The winner might surprise you.

Match Two: KELLY ATKINSON vs DON MICHAELS. Wearing red striped trunks, handsome hotbody Kelly Atkinson has his hands full with cute muscleboy Don Michaels in black and white speedos. Dirty talking Atkinson sleeper chokes Michaels for a first fall win. Punished relentlessly, our muscleboy looks like he`s going down for two in a row, but young Michaels rallies for a surprise second fall win. But youngstud Michaels is out maneuvered and suffers the third fall loss in a brutal series of agony prolonged submissions.... the way all young jock hunks should learn the ropes.

Match Three: ANTONIO RUIZ vs MARK HAMMER. Latino muscleman Antonio Ruis in a peach bikini loses fall one to built blond blue-bikinied beachboy Mark Hammer submitting to a back breaking camel-clutch. Then it`s Ruiz`s revenge as the beachboy cracks under an over-the-knee spinal adjustment. Blow-for-blow, give-and-take agony leaves the winner in doubt. You`re the ref. You make the call (800-603-5109) CALIFORNIA HOTBODS delivers! 75 solid minutes.

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