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CAST: Brandon Taylor, Vic Hall, Brad Benson, Eddie Madrill, Aaron Brant,


RELEASE DATE: 6/16/2010

If you like your mat boys tight, trim, toned, tan, under 25, and sexually aggressive... you`re going to like "TOTALLY NAKED 2" better than the original. Match One: AARON BRANT VS EDDIE MADRILL. Ex-collegiate swimmer Aaron Brant starts off in a red bikini. His swarthy, sexy opponent Eddie Madrill wrestles in a black bikini. When the bikinis come off, the action heats up, and the boys get down and dirty exchanging a lot of cock and ball action. Aaron finally forces Eddie to submit eventually winning the match.

Match Two: BRANDON TAYLOR VS BRAD BENSON. All-American pretty boy Brandon Taylor struts his stuff in an attention getting red and white stripped singlet. Brad Benson means business in a black singlet. The guys fight hard while bad-mouthing each other continually. Brad suffers an upside-down ring rope crucifix for a match submission. Both wrestlers collapse at match`s end from exhaustion.

Match Three: VIC HALL VS BRANDON TAYLOR. Well built tough guy Vic Hall fights in black trunks against patriotic Brandon Taylor sporting American flag trunks. Hall sees to it that Taylor loses his patriotism early in the match taking the 2nd and 3rd falls from Taylor with a choke hold, and a prone full nelson.

Match Four: BRAD BENSON VS AARON BRANT. Tightbody Brad Benson fights in a revealing yellow T-back against college swimmer Aaron Brant wrestling in a blue T-back. Brant takes both Benson`s T-back and the match with a shoulder breaker submission. "TOTALLY NAKED 2`s" up close and personal camera work puts these mat boys` trunks losing, ass slapping, and crotch grabbing... in your face.

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