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CAST: Steve Starr, Dane Tanner, Antonio Silva, Dennis Riker, Blake Onassis/ Mark Wolff,


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2010

As in the California Muscleboy Pro Wrestling, these are feasts-for-the-eyes muscle matches... but in oil. MATCH #1. 37 year old muscle pro Steve Starr vs. 23 year old amateur muscleboy Dane Tanner. This is an easy workout for powerful ex-Marine Starr as he muscle punishes and puts away 5'7" muscleboy Tanner in two agonizing straight falls. MATCH #2. 29 year old Italian muscleboy Antonio is back looking sensational in bulging oil soaked blue trunks, against lean mean 24 year old, 190 pound Dennis Riker in very skimpy, very revealing red trunks. Neither muscleboy has ever looked better or suffered better, but after a painfully punishing match, Antonio out-muscles sensational Dennis Riker. MATCH #3. Two muscle pros are back at it, this time looking even hotter in oil. Steve Starr vs. Antonio Silva is a muscle banquet for your soul. Steve's in pink trunks, Antonio's in turquoise trunks, and you're in oil muscle heaven. Both musclehunks punish each other relentlessly, but we'll let you see who wins. MATCH #4. You want more of musclegod Blake Onassis? You've got him. Looking even more magnificent in oil soaked orange trunks, Blake takes on MATCH #1's musclestud boy Dennis Riker. Muscleboy Dennis concentrates his punishment on Blake's powerful chest and pecs... punching and clawing... finally wearing musclegod Onassis down to a humiliating defeat.

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