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CAST: Blake Onassis (Mark Wolff), Ricky Morgan, Ted Shipp, Steve Starr, Aaron Tustin, Antonio Silva, Rob Fulson


RELEASE DATE: 7/18/2008

Giving you exactly what the title promises, California Muscleboy Wrestling Two delivers incredible bodies in hard fought pro action. MATCH #1. Can-Am Brochure #7 coverman Blake Onassis is one of the most handsome, most beautifully muscled model / wrestlers you'll ever see. A Colt model under a different name, 205 pound Blake is 28, 5'10", in killer blue trunks with killer blue eyes and brown hair. Matched against 21 year old, 185 pound, 6 footer Ricky Morgan, musclegod Blake suffers a series of punishing display holds, but wins out over his younger opponent. MATCH #2. In this battle of the bodies, Blake Onassis is back again this time in eye-popping peach colored trunks against 37 year old, 190 pound competition bodybuilder Steve Starr in pink trunks. Both these musclemen are so beautiful it's hard to pick a favorite, but you'll love watching them punish each other. We won't tell you who wins, but we promise you won't be disappointed. MATCH #3. 21 year old Ricky Morgan from MATCH #1 is back against massively muscled 23 year old Ted Shipp. If you like your bodybeautifuls BIG, 215 pound Ted is USDA Prime Muscle Meat. Ted bulges in turquoise trunks and Ricky suffers BIGtime, and loses, in hot pink trunks. MATCH #4. A new muscle duo, 29 year old Antonio Silva in yellow trunks against 26 year old Rob Fulson. At 5'8", black curly haired Italian muscleboy Antonio is weight and height disadvantaged by 6'1", 210 pound Rob. Punished almost to the point of losing, Antonio ultimately wins over his larger opponent. MATCH #5. 37 year old competition muscleman Steve Starr from MATCH #2 is back pitted against 25 year old Aaron Tustin in turquoise trunks. Outweighed by 20 pounds, young Aaron puts up a good fight against his muscular opponent, but ultimately is no match against ex-Marine Steve Starr.

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