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CAST: Steve Sterling, Bruno Martinelli, Jungle Stud, Barry Mitchell, Jake Strombow, Kelly Atkinson, Philippe Olido, Mike Mackey.


RELEASE DATE: 6/19/2006

With the successes of CALIFORNIA MUSCLEBOY WRESTLING One & Two due in measure to bodybeautifuls Mitch Bodega, Steve Starr, and Antonio Silva (CMBW1); and Blake Onassis, Ted Shipp, Antonio Silva, and Steve Starr (CMBW2); CALIFORNIA MUSCLEBOY WRESTLING #3 delivers eight more of what this title promises... California Muscleboys. MATCH #1 / STEVE STERLING VS. BRUNO MARTINELLI. Practically everybody's favorite wrestler... competition bodybuilder Steve Sterling (wearing crotch-hugging lime green trunks) is also Can-Am's most popular wrestler of the 90's. Matched against a slightly beefier Bruno Martinelli wearing pink trunks, muscleman Sterling punishes Big Bruno to a first fall submission using a kneeling shoulder-breaker crucifix. Second fall revenge goes to Bruno forcing a stubborn Steve Sterling to submit using a prone spreadeagle full nelson. Sterling bashes and brutalizes Bruno taking the 3rd fall and the match with a prolonged standing abdominal stretch. MATCH #2 / JUNGLE STUD VS BARRY MITCHELL. Translated, Jungle Stud means "wild man." And long-haired bodybeautiful Jungle Stud takes blond Australian pretty boy Barry Mitchell for a painful walk on the wild side. Down under boy next door Barry's hot crotch and bubble butt fill out his lifeguard red trunks impressively, and Jungle Stud (wearing patterned trunks) punishes pretty boy Barry mercilessly. Taking a lot of abuse, Barry painfully submits to a 1st fall face down mat surfboard; and is battered and humiliated into a 2nd fall squash match submission camel clutch backbreaker. The Jungle Stud enjoys every minute of Australian buttboy Barry's pain and suffering. MATCH #3 / JAKE STROMBOW VS. KELLY ATKINSON. Two very hot bodies face off with Big Jake Strombow (in leopard print T-back) outweighing good looking blond Kelly Atkinson (wearing blue patterned trunks). Kelly out maneuvers Jake to a 1st fall submission using a combination Boston Crab and a double hammerlock sleeper hold. Fighting mad, Big Jake forces Kelly to submit after a particularly brutal bear hug. The 3rd fall surprise victory goes to smaller muscled Kelly who puts Big Jake back to sleep in another successful sleeper hold. Seems the bigger they are, the better they sleep. MATCH #4 / PHILIPPE OLIDO VS. MIKE MACKEY. Brazilian born Philippe Olido in turquoise trunks takes on blond bodybuilder big mouth Mike Mackey in blue patterned trunks. Both bodybuilders are pretty evenly matched with the Brazilian shutting Mike Mackey's mouth briefly if only temporarily with a 1st fall illegal chokehold. Pissed and humiliated, Mackey punishes Olido to a second fall submission using an over-the-knee backbreaker. Cocky and certain about a 3rd fall victory, big mouthed body beautiful gets beat up Bigtime and loses the match to Philippe Olido's Brazilian sleeper hold. CALIFORNIA MUSCLEBOY WRESTLING #3 delivers the same caliber beefcake that made CMBW1 and 2 mega sellers. Guaranteed.

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