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CAST: Dennis Riker, Don Sheffield, Doug Brandon, Jeff Steel, Mike Granger, Jungle Stud,


RELEASE DATE: 4/26/2010

With matches being scheduled and shot in both Toronto and Los Angeles simultaneously, sometimes Can-Am ends up with a surplus variety of extra miscellaneous muscle matches. Consider this good news because this pro-action muscle match overage is our producer`s bonus bargain for you. Shot in Canada, MATCH #1 pits Can-Am`s 21 year old Toronto bad boy Doug Brandon against 25 year old 200 pound equally bad Jeff Steel. Doug Brandon`s fans know just how tough he is... now Jeff Steel knows having learned the hard way. Both bullies, these beastie boys nearly beat each other to death. Who wins? You`ve probably guessed correctly. MATCH #2. Shot in Los Angeles, fan favorite 24 year old Dennis Riker returns against the unpredictable, untamed Jungle Stud in a wild contest of muscle and stamina. Totally out of control, the Jungle Stud takes a beating but ultimately gets young Riker tied up in the ropes and slowly and sadistically works him over, wears him down, and puts him out cold with an endless sleeper hold. MATCH #3. If you like your wrestlers huge and muscular, 5`11", 24 year old newcomer Don Sheffield weighs in at a formidable 220 pounds, against 6`3" blond bodybeautiful Mike Granger at 210 pounds. Almost weight-matched, these two giants are also almost skill-matched in a painfully punishing win-at-all-costs battle of the BIG boys. Which giant wins? Check it out.

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