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CAST: Ivan Bure, Shawn Simpson, Adam, Tom Bure, Brady, Robert, Mark Wolff, Chis, Mike, Jacques Laplante, Tony Preacher,


RELEASE DATE: 5/24/2007

Good news for CAN-AM customers and the legions of Mark Wolff fans... Ron Sexton has asked Mark Wolff to head up CAN-AM's Vancouver Studio's wrestling productions. And while the Vancouver Studio is being completed, Mark's first effort debuts as one of the most innovative wrestling videos we've ever offered titled CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLING CLUB # ONE. All of these matches were shot in the wrestler's homes. They move aside furniture, then get into l-o-n-g intensely personal pro matches featuring some of Western Canada's hottest wrestler athletes. But for multiple wrestling gear and rip strip action fans, CBWC's first video takes strip wrestling to new dimensions. Each hardbody wrestler in each of the four three-fall matches loses layer after layer of gear before ending up in torn briefs, skimpy bikinis, sweaty jockstraps, revealing T-backs, and crotch hugging trunks. Hockey players strip down through their protective-gear layers. Gym jocks strip down through their workout sweats. Levi studs strip down from their street clothes. Layers after layers of hot masculine gear are peeled and stripped off leaving perfect bare asses in shreds of underwear. Does the incomparable Mark Wolff appear in this video... and does he get rip stripped for your body worshiping pleasure? You bet his perfect bare ass he does. And with the exception of enormously popular Mark Wolff, all seven of his CBWC wrestling buddies are brand new bodybeautifuls to the CAN-AM wrestling stable world famous for the best built athletes in the international video wrestling business. If the concept of eight hardbody wrestlers testing each others' strength, flex strain and sweat through each others' gear, strip each other practically naked, and compete for your wrestling fantasy wads pushes your buttons... the CANADIAN BUILT WRESTLING CLUB's first video will leave you worn out and bone dry. If it's original, if it's hot, if the athletes are body perfect, and if you're wondering who Mark Wolff chooses to get physical with... the $49 bucks you spend on this tape will pay you rockhard dividends every time you slide it into your VCR. And the best news of all is that this muscles-in-action meatbeater is just the first of many from the new production team of Ron Sexton's CAN-AM Productions and Mark Wolff Entertainment. Quality wrestling videos and conscientious customer service just doesn't get better.

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