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CAST: Doug Nolan, Duff Robertson, Jason Xtreme, Justin Xtreme, Mickey J, Rocko Lane,


RELEASE DATE: 9/26/2011

THE LINEUP: Mickey J. offers Michael Jackson type entertainment, Rocko Lane in skin tight blank pants and jacket, Davy Nolan - AKA Prince Charming in a unique costume, Duff Robertson in tight multi-colored jeans and black leather jacket, Jason Xtreme - AKA Dr. Love in black leather chaps and Justin Xtreme in black leather chaps and jacket. Canadian Muscle Dancers #2 has some of the most intense sensual and erotic male strip acts in the Can-Am Entertainment stables. Mickey J. is an extraordinary dancer. He is extremely acrobatic and flexible, has great rhythm and seems tireless. And certainly Michael Jackson never had a body like this. Hairy chested Mickey J. knows how to move and knows how to move you. Rocko Lane can`t dance, but if a very handsome guy with a fantastic muscled bod turns you on, then you would probably be satislied just watching Rocko sit on a chair in the middle of the stage scratching his balls for 10 minutes. He`s that type of visual. So let`s call his act "Muscles in Motion". Now Davy Nolan is a whole other ballgame. His bod can`t even compare to Rocko`s, but if great dancing turns you on you`ll love Davy. And that face! Wow! He`s as cute as cute can be. He starts his act with a bit of comedy. He comes out on the stage in an Alf costume with a humongously long cock. He then switches to his Prince Charming costume. White hat, white shoes, black t-back. He`s extremely acrobatic. He can do flips, stand and walk on his hands. He`ll wow you with his "fingers on fire" routine. His dramatic dancing and erotic sensual movements in the slow song finale will have you hypnotized in his spell. Top entertainment! Next we feature Duff Robertson, a hunk`s hunk. He is in his early 30`s, has a lot of experience strip dancing. His well muscled body is very sexy for a 200# plus guy. He has a gorgeous ass, knows it, and flaunts it. He loves to play with his tits and he does have lots of pec to play with. His slow song dancing is very erotic and may be the sexiest on this video. Next we have the brothers Xtreme - first Jason, then Justin. Jason, AKA Dr. Love, comes out in a long white trench coat over black leather assless chaps. His long hair flies about. The tails of his trench coat fly about. Jason is an excellent dancer and to the music of hard rock he gives us a hell of a show. This is another dancer who will take your breath away in his sexy slow song finale. Sex exudes from every pore as he slow dances his way to your logical conclusion. From high energy dancing to erotic, sensual, sexual slow dancing. His older brother, Justin wraps up this tape with a high energy rock dancing of his own, attired in black leather chaps and jacket. CANADIAN MUSCLE DANCERS #2 - AS GOOD AS MALE STRIP DANCING GETS.

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