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CAST: Robby Ryder, Blair Stryker, Rod Hammer, Devon Starr, Gary Andrews, Dirk Shannon, Wyld Child, John Badd,


RELEASE DATE: 6/11/2010

THE LINEUP: Robby Ryder in funky jeans, Blair Stryker in combination black and cowhide leather, Rod Hammer in special forces military gear, Devon Starr as a marine, Gary Andrews as an air force pilot and Dirk Shannon in yellow leather. Highlights of Canadian Muscle Dancers #3 include the Blair Stryker Fantasy. You`re at a physique contest. Blair Stryker is the winner. Your fantasies include desiring to see him do a MuscleStrip show. Presto! Your fantasy is realized in this video. And when strips off all his clothes, leaving nothing but a moving towel as protection, he`ll have you steamin`. The theme of this video changes to "Military". Up first is Rod Hammer, a hot MuscleChunk Hunk. Rod, to our knowledge, is the only American in the whole Canadian Musclehunk cast. He has a unique style of dancing you might enjoy. Continuing the military theme is Devon Starr, in a high energy, very athletic, gymnastic type strip. An arrogant, punky type of guy. Hot! When you wish for that ultimate "tall, dark and handsome stranger" to come into your life, it could very well be Top Gun Gary Andrews - completing our military theme in this video in his Air Force uniform. A real winner! In a typically sensual outing, hot Musclehunk Dirk Shannon takes the stage in very showy, stunning, assless yellow leather from head to toe. In his slow song number, the "Master of Seduction" shows how it is done. Slow and sexy! Dirk knows how to show and move his ass like few others.

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